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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

We Protect Your Plants

This hedge was not covered or even watered during the roof cleaning, by an inexperienced one man roof cleaner, going door to door around a Tampa Florida neighborhood, offering his low priced questionable roof cleaning services.

Apple Roof Cleaning of Tampa, Florida – 813 655 8777 – specializes in just ONE thing, the non pressure chemical cleaning of shingle and tile roofs.

We have been cleaning both tile and shingle roofs in the area for over 20 years, and have an A+ BBB Rating!

All of our trucks have two men, and sometimes 3 men RCIA Certified Roof Cleaning crews, for the larger jobs we often do.

When our roof man is applying the non pressure cleaning solution, our ground men are busy protecting your plants and home from over spray and run off.

We either completely Tarp, or water all plants before, during, and after the roof cleaning, if the roof has no gutters.

If Gutters are present, and the downspouts run into plant beds, or onto the grass, we have special collection devices, to trap and contain this run off, before it has a chance to ruin your landscaping.

Remember, that is a plant growing on your roof, that not only must be removed, it must also be killed, unless you want to get your roof cleaned every year.

Everything CAN be a poison, drink enough water, or take too much Aspirin, and it can kill you.

But Water is necessary to life, and Aspirin in small amounts helps fever and headache, and prevents damage during a heart attack, because in small doses, it acts as a blood thinner.

Same with our roof cleaning chemical.

Promptly and properly diluted, it is rendered harmless to plants and paint.

One of our cleaning chemicals you actually drink in your water everyday, and one becomes a fertilizer in small concentrations!

We use state of the art chemical emulsifiers, and precision spray equipment to minimize run off.

We are a nationally recognized Roof Cleaning Training Company, teachers of the very latest advances in safe, non pressure roof cleaning methods.(click on the badge)

We TEACH roof cleaning, and are acknowledged experts in our field.

Contractors from all over the United States come here for training.

Don’t you deserve the best plant protection that only a company with experienced and well paid grounds people can provide ?

Call us at 813 655 8777 for a free consultation, and no obligation roof cleaning estimate today.