Tampa Roof Cleaning + Disinfecting

Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning and Disinfecting 4-3-2020
Cleaning and Disinfecting Tampa Palms Tile Roof

The entire Tampa Florida area, like the rest of the world, is currently in the grip of the Covid 19 Virus Pandemic. A common question we are getting lately is ” If I get my shingle or tile roof cleaned, will it sanitize and/or disinfect it as well ? ” The answer is Yes. In fact, one of the chemicals we use to clean your roof is a powerful Disinfectant and Sanitizer, according to the CDC. We can help you with cleaning.

Roof Cleaned and Disinfected
Tampa Palms Tile Roof Cleaned and Sanitized

So, if you live in the Greater Tampa Florida area, and were thinking of hiring a roof cleaning service, now is an excellent time to do so! We offer No Contact Free Estimates, and Roof Cleaning. Here is how it works. A customer called us last week to get an idea of what his roof cleaning cost would be. All we needed was his address, and from Google Maps and other websites, we got all the information we needed to give him an estimate. He told us to go ahead with the cleaning of his roof, and so we put him on the schedule. He received a phone call, reminding him we would be coming to clean his roof. We came and completed the work, and left an invoice. He called us back, said he was delighted with the roof cleaning, and asked if we took PayPal or Credit Cards. We told him we accept both of those forms of payment. He used his Visa Card to pay us for the cleaning of his roof, and everyone was happy.

It kind of sucks that we never got to meet our customer, but that is the hand of cards the Covid 19 Virus has dealt all of us. Social Distancing and No Contact have become the new reality around the world, not just here in the Tampa area. So, as you can see, we can complete the entire roof cleaning process w/o any contact with you, or your family. We also have a partner for other Cleaning service you may have.

Our Men are instructed to follow CDC safety protocols when performing all roof cleaning work on location.  We ask that you stay inside your home while we are working to prevent you from coming in contact with our roof cleaning solutions and to give our crews the space they need to work by maintaining appropriate social distances from our workers (6 feet or more) at all times. This will help keep everyone—our employees and our neighbors—safe.We are eliminating any personal contact with customers and will use company cell phones to call you when we arrive to perform the work and answer any questions that you may have.  We ask that you pay for your service thru our secure email payment processing system, or by calling our office when you receive the invoice with your credit card number after the roof cleaning work is completed.

Evidently, several of his neighbors also got roof cleaning letters, because 2 of them asked us for estimates, when we were there. We have both of them on our schedule for next week. One of his neighbors who we scheduled is a Nurse who works at Tampa General. She said she wasn’t sure if any Covid 19 Virus is on her tile roof, but she liked the idea that one of our roof cleaning chemicals is a CDC Approved Disinfectant and Sanitizer. She asked us if we could spray her entire house to kill any of the virus that may be living there. When we told her we could, she asked us for a separate House Disinfecting Estimate. She for sure wants her tile roof cleaned, and is going to ask her husband if it is ok to disinfect and sanitize the entire house.