Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa 33647

Here is a barrel tile roof in Tampa in the 33647 zip code we recently cleaned. This home was in Hunters Green, near the Tampa Palms community. We were cleaning a shingle roof across the street when the owners came over to ask if we cleaned barrel tile roofs as well ? The entire subdivision was being sent clean your roof or else letters from the HOA, so these customers wanted to get the homeowners association off their back.

Dirty barrel tile roof 33647
Barrel Tile Roof North Tampa after we cleaned it

Our customers were quite surprised at the difference our roof cleaning service made! They bought their home a few years ago, and their roof was dirty when they bought it, so they have never seen their home with a clean roof before.

So, if you have any type of roof that needs cleaned, simply call us at 813 655 8777 for your free estimate by phone. All we need is your address, we can get all the information we need off the Internet to provide you with your roof cleaning cost.

Repeat Tile Roof Cleaning North Tampa Florida

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa cleaned this customer’s Tile Roof about 6 years ago. He lives up in Tampa Palms in the 33647 Zip Code, and they are deed restricted in there. If his HOA was not so Anal, he could have got a few more years out of his Tile Roof Cleaning, but they want everything Spic and Span, in his section of Tampa Palms! This family is a real pleasure to clean for. She is a Nurse at Tampa General, actually she is a Nurse Practitioner ! And he is an Architect with a well known Tampa area firm. We joke about that building in Downtown Tampa known as “The Beer Can”. He really is a great guy, and a fellow Tampa Bay Buc’s fan, who loves to talk about Football! Everyone here at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa are big time Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fans, who used to be season ticket holders, until they forced you to buy 2 years of Seats, instead of just one. I guess they are trying to get as much out of Tom Brady before he retires, as they can ? But this will surely be his last year, because he has a 375 million dollar contract with Fox Sports waiting for him!

Tile Roof In North Tampa Before And After Cleaning!
Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Of The Year 2002 !

This Tile Roof cleaned right up, just like it did the first time we cleaned it. These customers should be good to go for another 6 years, and our Invoice for the Tile Roof Cleaning got the Tampa Palms Homeowners Association off their back.

If you are thinking about getting your tile roof cleaned, and want to get an idea of your roof cleaning cost, call Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa at 813-655-8777. Most of the time, we can provide a free estimate by telephone w/o actually coming out to see the roof.

Tampa Roof Cleaning + Disinfecting

Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning and Disinfecting 4-3-2020
Cleaning and Disinfecting Tampa Palms Tile Roof

The entire Tampa Florida area, like the rest of the world, is currently in the grip of the Covid 19 Virus Pandemic. A common question we are getting lately is ” If I get my shingle or tile roof cleaned, will it sanitize and/or disinfect it as well ? ” The answer is Yes. In fact, one of the chemicals we use to clean your roof is a powerful Disinfectant and Sanitizer, according to the CDC. We can help you with cleaning.

Roof Cleaned and Disinfected
Tampa Palms Tile Roof Cleaned and Sanitized

So, if you live in the Greater Tampa Florida area, and were thinking of hiring a roof cleaning service, now is an excellent time to do so! We offer No Contact Free Estimates, and Roof Cleaning. Here is how it works. A customer called us last week to get an idea of what his roof cleaning cost would be. All we needed was his address, and from Google Maps and other websites, we got all the information we needed to give him an estimate. He told us to go ahead with the cleaning of his roof, and so we put him on the schedule. He received a phone call, reminding him we would be coming to clean his roof. We came and completed the work, and left an invoice. He called us back, said he was delighted with the roof cleaning, and asked if we took PayPal or Credit Cards. We told him we accept both of those forms of payment. He used his Visa Card to pay us for the cleaning of his roof, and everyone was happy.

It kind of sucks that we never got to meet our customer, but that is the hand of cards the Covid 19 Virus has dealt all of us. Social Distancing and No Contact have become the new reality around the world, not just here in the Tampa area. So, as you can see, we can complete the entire roof cleaning process w/o any contact with you, or your family. We also have a partner for other Cleaning service you may have.

Our Men are instructed to follow CDC safety protocols when performing all roof cleaning work on location.  We ask that you stay inside your home while we are working to prevent you from coming in contact with our roof cleaning solutions and to give our crews the space they need to work by maintaining appropriate social distances from our workers (6 feet or more) at all times. This will help keep everyone—our employees and our neighbors—safe.We are eliminating any personal contact with customers and will use company cell phones to call you when we arrive to perform the work and answer any questions that you may have.  We ask that you pay for your service thru our secure email payment processing system, or by calling our office when you receive the invoice with your credit card number after the roof cleaning work is completed.

Evidently, several of his neighbors also got roof cleaning letters, because 2 of them asked us for estimates, when we were there. We have both of them on our schedule for next week. One of his neighbors who we scheduled is a Nurse who works at Tampa General. She said she wasn’t sure if any Covid 19 Virus is on her tile roof, but she liked the idea that one of our roof cleaning chemicals is a CDC Approved Disinfectant and Sanitizer. She asked us if we could spray her entire house to kill any of the virus that may be living there. When we told her we could, she asked us for a separate House Disinfecting Estimate. She for sure wants her tile roof cleaned, and is going to ask her husband if it is ok to disinfect and sanitize the entire house.

Cleaning Composite Roof Tile the Right Way

Tile Roof In North TampaCleaning Tile Roof Tampa palms

Most roofs need to be cleaned every few years, especially here in the Tampa Florida area. The high volume of rain, humidity, wind and other factors make having a clean roof in this city a tough task. Apple Roof Cleaning understand that shingles absorb a lot of moisture and become much more susceptible to algae growth and potential mold. Factors like high pollution or being near a highway can even affect how dirty your roof gets.

Having the right kind of roof tile can make all the difference when it comes to having a clean roof. Tampa roof cleaning can be a regular need, but one of the ways to reduce that is by installing composite roof tiles. They are highly durable and almost never need to be cleaned. It rains often enough in Tampa that a good natural wash from a good shower can leave these roofs looking spectacular.

Unlike regular shingles, composite roof tiles from Brava ( are highly weatherproof. Since they are made from recycled plastic they absorb almost zero water. The chances of algae, mold, or water damage from these roof tiles are next to nothing. If they do need to be cleaned for one reason or another it is extremely easy. When the time does comes, Apple Roof Cleaning is the company to call to clean your roof.

With all the sun that Tampa gets, UV damage and roof bleaching is all too common. With Brava’s composite roof tiles there’s no need to worry about your roofing becoming faded over a few years. Their roof tiles are the only kind to be Miami-Dade Certified for their UV ray protection. This means your roof will look amazing for years to come no matter how much the Florida sun throws at it.

Composite tiles are offered in many styles like cedar shake, slate and barrel tile. Most regular clay barrel roof tiles cannot be pressure washed due to their fragile nature. A powerful stream of water will shatter the tiles almost immediately. With composite barrel tiles this is no longer an issue. The highly durable plastic can withstand a high-intensity pressure wash. In most cases an aggressive pressure washing won’t even be necessary with Brava’s roof tiles.

Most roof materials need cleaning due to algae, pollution, and regular dirt but with composite roofs you’ll rarely if ever need a full deep cleaning. When you need a roof cleaning in Tampa, give Apple Roof Cleaning a call at (813) 655-8777

Tampa Palms Flat Tile Roof Cleaning

Clean flat tile roof 33647

Here is a flat tile roof cleaning in Tampa Palms we did today 11/20/2013

The trees this home is under provide shade, but also make the black streaks come back faster. This is because the trees stop the Sun from drying the roofs moisture up. Heat and Moisture =’s Mold, it’s real simple. In the first picture, you can see some of the debris we had to blow off of this Tile Roof.

We are perfectionists when it comes to cleaning tile roofs, as you can see by the bottom picture. This roof will look even better, after it has had the benefit of a few rains. But you can still see all the edges of the tiles and the ridge caps are all nice and clean, for the holidays. Our customer was a very nice lady, who plans to have her large family over for Thanksgiving.

She has used us to clean her flat tile roof before, over 5 years ago. Tampa Palms was sending out “clean your roof or else” letters, and our trucks were cleaning other homes, on her street.

That’s how she found us, and she remembered us, all these years!

Though we are number one for almost any Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning Search, most of our business comes from happy customers we cleaned years ago like this one, who remember us, and tell their friends.

Tampa Palms Barrel Tile Roof Cleaned 8-13-2003

Here is one we just cleaned a few days ago in the Reserve at Tampa Palms.


This was a 5000 sq ft barrel tile roof, with a 3 car garage. It cleaned up really nice, and it has the beautiful (when they are clean) glazed ceramic barrel tiles.
Glazed Ceramic Tile Roofs are not a place for a beginner!
They are extremely slippery during the non pressure tile roof cleaning process, from all the soap.
Plus, as can be seen, this home did not have many gutters, so the run off of the tile roof cleaning chemical had to be dealt with.

The owner of this home in Tampa Palms is a well known Tampa Radiologist (A Doctor).
He saw us smoking cigarettes, and gave us a lecture!
Of course, the Doctor is correct, and we are all trying to quit smoking!

This job came out beautifully, the Doctor is happy, and he submitted our invoice to the Tampa Palms Homeowners Association, as proof he complied with the roof cleaning letter he received.
Call us at 813 655 877 for a free estimate, if you need us.