Shingle Roof Care

Here are a few suggestions from Apple Roof Cleaning on Shingle Roof Care.

Asphalt and Fiberglass based roofing materials are by far the most common roofing shingle product in the USA. 

Many of these will last for 35 years or longer if applied according to manufacturers specifications.

Asphalt and Fiberglass shingles also last longer on steeper sloped roofs. 

These roofs shed water faster and this helps extend the life span of the asphalt products. This, couple with a few other services and including a  painting company in York, PA, will finish the look of the house.

Excellent under roof ventilation will also help extend the life of an asphalt shingle roof.

This air movement in the attic space allows the roof deck to stay as cool as possible.

It is a good idea to perform at the very minimum an annual roof shingle inspection. 

Our Florida weather can force water into your home any number of ways, and in the process, also sweep in many insects and bugs, which’d make it imperative for you to call in the best Brisbane area pest inspectors.

Furthermore, Shingle workmanship defects can cause problems to appear at any given time.

The biggest problem areas tend to be roof flashings.

Flashings are transitional roof materials that connect roofs to other parts of the house.

You will find flashings at chimneys, plumbing vent pipes, and locations where roofs touch up against a vertical wall that rises above the roof.

Inspect these flashings and look for rust, cracks, or other openings where water may enter. And if you detect a water leak, you’d have to call in a plumbing or cleaning service, and then disinfect the place with help of professionals from places like your local roofing contractor

In my opinion of Apple Roof Cleaning, tin and copper make the best flashing material because these metals can be soldered.

Never use aluminum flashing material in brick or masonry.

The alkaline chemicals in the mortar corrode the metal.

If you see caulk or roofing cement around flashings, it is a strong possibility that trouble is just around the corner.

Check the entire roof surface and look for nails that have popped up through the roofing.

Look for loose or cracked shingles.

Pay attention to the recessed groove areas in between each individual shingle.

The top of this knockout or groove is usually the first place you will see loss of the small colored granules.

Once the colored shingle granules disappear the asphalt below is subject to accelerated deterioration.

Moss, Mold, Algae and lichen buildup on Florida roofs can also be a problem, especially on asphalt roofing. But they can be timely prevented by many services like Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa.

These organic materials can keep the roofing material damp for extended amounts of time and this causes premature failure of the roof.

Never direct water up under roofing materials.

Hire a professional like Apple Roof Cleaning to clean your roof.

Once the roof is free of Algae and Mold, you can minimize future growth by getting on a yearly spray plan wih Apple Roof Cleaning.

This yearly spray acts as a poison, and inhibits moss and lichen growth.

Properly cared for, there is no reason not to expect 15 plus years of life from your Florida shingle roof.