Shingle Roof Cleaning Plant City Florida

Black Stained Roof in Plant City Florida

Here is a recent shingle roof cleaning Plant City Florida we did recently. This makes the second time we have cleaned this shingle roof in 12 years. Our customers live in the Walden Lake Subdivision in Plant City, and they are what is called deed restricted. Deed Restrictions simply mean that they have a Homeowners Association sometimes called a HOA that enforces these deed restrictions. Some communities have stricter restrictions than others, but almost all HOA’s will require that you clean your roof, if it is dirty. They do this by actually driving around Walden Lake, and noting the addresses of all the dirty roofs. Once they have the address of the roofs that require cleaning, they send out letters forcing you to have your roof cleaned. That might sound mean, but consider this ? A Dirty Roof is much more than an eyesore, or cosmetic issue. Here is why! The so called “dirt” we see on shingle, metal, and tile roofs is not dirt at all! It is a type of algae, a living plant, that spreads itself from roof to roof to sidewalk to driveway, to side of homes, etc, etc, etc! So that means if only one resident of Walden Lake has a dirty roof, his roof algae can and will spread to his neighbors, and throughout the community! The ultimate life of any shingle roof is also a factor, because this roof algae has been known to actually grow Underneath your roofing Shingles! This plant has actually been known to force the shingles apart, if allowed to grow on a roof for too long!

Plus, a dirty roof looks bad, and greatly detracts from the overall looks of a home, and says “I don’t care how my home looks” loud and clear!

Since we have cleaned this roof over 6 years ago, we know these customers, and they know us! They are big time Tampa Bay Buc Fans, like we are! They got a clean your roof letter from their homeowners association called The Walden Lake Community Association. Because we did a great roof cleaning job for them, and it lasted 6 years, they decided to hire us again, to clean their shingle roof. It was our pleasure to clean their roof again, and talk Tampa Bay Football with our customers!

So, if you have a shingle roof cleaning in Plant City Florida for us to clean, or any other type of roof in a 50 mile radius of the Tampa area, call us at 813-655-777 for a free estimate on your roof cleaning cost.