Safe Roof Cleaning Riverview Florida

If you are looking for Roof Cleaning Riverview Florida, please read this, and watch our roof cleaning video. Riverview is a special place in Hillsborough County Florida, because it is our home! LOL, we moved our family to Riverview, before all the traffic! Even with the traffic, this is a great place to live, in our opinion.

Many communities here in the Riverview Florida area are deed restricted, including the one we live in. They require you to have a clean roof, and if your roof gets dirty, they will send you a nasty letter, ordering you to clean it. One reason the HOA will make you clean your roof is this. Just like you would not send a sick child to school, because the sick child can spread his illness, a dirty roof can and will cause your neighbors roof to get dirty sooner. This is because those black streaks on the roof are not dirt, nor are they debris from the TECO Smokestacks, in Apollo Beach! The black streaks you see on your roof are a type of Algae, that spreads itself by microscopic airborne spores that are blown by the wind, from roof to roof. Those smokestacks south of us are another story, but suffice to say that they DO effect the cleaning of some of the roofs down in Apollo Beach! But we are far enough away here in Riverview, that they are not the problem we run into when cleaning roofs in Apollo Beach.

Here is a video we put together showing a very small percentage of the over 18,000 shingle and tile roofs we have safely cleaned. LOL, we clean roofs a lot better than we make videos, but we think after watching this video, you will get the idea that we know what we are doing, and are very good at it

If you live in the Riverview Florida area, and are looking for the best roof cleaning company you can find to safely clean your roof w/o using any pressure, give is a call at 813-655-8777. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa | 25 + Years In Business | 18,000 + Shingle and Tile Roofs Safely Cleaned !