Roof Cleaning Methods

The method we use to clean depends on a lot of factors. We always evaluate each roof for the safest, and most cost effective way to clean it. Some  can be walked on safely, and some can not.
If you live in an expensive home, we are the guys you want to do your roof cleaning. Just as you would not waste your time taking your BMW to some shade tree mechanic, our before and after roof cleaning pictures speak for themselves. Because we are teachers of our trade, we have to be aware of the latest and safest methods of cleaning.

Every job we estimate is important to us, from a 150.00 small home with asphalt shingle roofing, to a 10,000 sq ft Slate Tile Roof, like this one in the Avila Community, just north of Tampa.

Maybe you received a letter from your homeowners association asking you to get your tile or shingle roof cleaned ?
If so, tell your Homeowners Association you are considering hiring us, and see what they say!
It is a Conflict of Interest for a  Homeowner Association to recommend  any roof cleaning company.
But if you ask your association or property manager about us, you will probably hear something like this ‘”Apple Roof Cleaning has been around for years, and many of the people we sent letters to over the years have used them”
Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate by telephone. We only need to know if your roof is tile or shingle, and how big your home is.

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