Repeat Tile Roof Cleaning in Tampa Florida

We cleaned the tile roof of this home nearly 5 years ago. Our customer got a promotion requiring a move away from the Tampa Florida area, but still in Florida. He wanted to put his home for sale, and is asking top dollar for it, so he wanted to get his tile roof cleaned again, so everything was perfect. Homes here in the Tampa Florida are selling for an all time high, but to get top dollar requires a home that shows and photographs well, and that simply is not possible with a dirty roof! As you can see by the before the tile roof cleaning picture, this roof had got quite dirty since we last cleaned it, almost 5 years ago. Now, the tile roof looks almost brand new!

Tile Roof In Tampa Cleaned

If you are considering having your shingle, metal, or tile roof cleaned safely, we offer free estimates. 90% of the time, we can give you your roof cleaning cost by telephone, w/o having to actually come out and see the roof. Unlike some of our so called “Competitors” we are a real roof cleaning company. In fact, 90% of our business is cleaning roofs only! We are full time roof cleaners, not painters in between jobs, yard guys who have no grass to cut, or Pressure Washing Companies who clean a roof, every now and then. Many of these inexperienced people will tell you they need to see the roof, before they give you an estimate. What they are really doing is hoping you will wait for them to come to your home, so they can see IF they can even clean your roof at all! Call Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa at 813 655 877 for your free estimate.