Preparing To Get Your Roof Cleaned

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Won The Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Of The Year Award in 2002

Ok, you have wisely decided to use Apple Roof Cleaning to have your roof cleaned, so now what ?

When we call you, be sure to give us the gate code, or notify the gate of your deed restricted subdivision that Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa is coming, so we can get in.
Though our trucks are fully lettered, and we are in uniform, the gatekeepers of most deed restricted subdivisions here in the Tampa Bay Florida area will not let us in, unless they have been notified by you in advance that we are coming.

Please keep in mind we can not clean your roof, if you have other workers going in and out of your home. Never schedule the window cleaners, yard guys, carpet cleaners or tree guys, on the same day we have set aside for your job.

If it has not rained, or you have not ran your sprinklers, or watered your lawn in 2 days, Apple Roof Cleaning will ask that you thoroughly water the lawn, and all of your plants, the night before we come out to clean your roof.
This, along with us watering the plants off before, during, and after the roof cleaning, will prevent the grass and your plants from ingesting the roof cleaning chemical, and possible damage.

Unlike us Humans, who will eat and drink sometimes when we are not even hungry or thirsty, a plant only takes what it requires for survival from the earth. Unfortunately, a thirsty plant can not tell the difference between water and the roof cleaning chemical. So, we make sure the plants are never thirsty, by providing them plenty of water, a day before your roof is cleaned.

You do not have to be home when your roof is cleaned. In fact, most of our customers are at work when we arrive, and come home to a clean, spotless roof. We usually leave an invoice, so you can either mail us a check, or pay by credit card.

Apple Roof Cleaning asks that you move any plants, or movable objects, away from the drip line of the house, before your roof is cleaned. Also, be sure and have no cars in the driveway that are close to the house. If a car has to be parked in the driveway, simply move the front bumper of it back 8 feet or more away from the roof, and it will be fine.

If you have any special circumstances, such as Fish Ponds that are close to the roofs drip line, please advise Apple Roof Cleaning of this, so we may bring special protection devices and/or neutralizing chemicals and water test equipment if required, to keep the Fish from possible harm.

Solar Panels are a “day in our life” so no worries, we deal with them on a weekly basis.

If you have gutters that empty into downspouts, please tell us where these downspouts go, before having your roof cleaned! If the downspouts go deep into the ground, they are never a problem. However, if these downspouts empty out into the yard, under the grass, we will need to know this, so Apple Roof Cleaning can take the needed steps to protect your yard.

Always put Pets inside during the cleaning of your roof
Dog needs to be inside during the roof cleaning!

This picture of a Dog near the roof line of it’s custom dog house illustrates what can happen if a dog is allowed to run free, when you are having your roof cleaned! The Roof Cleaning Chemicals can run right off your tiles or shingles, and right onto your Dog πŸ™  Though we love Dogs, if they are kept outside in the backyard, they will need to be kept well away from the house. We sure as heck don’t want them to get any of the roof cleaning chemicals in their eyes!

If you have any other questions, be sure and ask our roof cleaners when they call, to set your appointment with Apple Roof Cleaning.