Cleaning Steep Shingle and Tile Roofs

Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa Florida 813-655-8777 specializes in the cleaning of really steep, dangerous shingle, metal, and tile roofs others walk away from.

You can see the man lift we use for cleaning steep un walkable roofs, like this Metal Church Roof.


We are a nationally recognized Roof Cleaning Training Company, teachers of the very latest advances in safe, non pressure roof cleaning methods.(click on the badge)

Our precision non pressure high volume spray equipment and our experience using lifts, allows us to do steep shingle and  tile roofs  others walk away from.

The high volume pumps we use at  Apple Roof Cleaning  are capable of shooting a controlled stream of emulsified roof cleaning solution almost 40 feet in the air.

For really steep roofs,  we pioneered the use of roof cleaning chemical emulsification to increase dwell time, and minimize chemical run off.

Our chemical emulsification process is proprietary.

It allows for longer dwell time on a steep roof as the solution fights gravity. Longer dwell time allows the use of a much weaker roof cleaning solution.

This protects the integrity of the granule to roofing shingle bond.

Don’t allow just anyone to shoot questionable chemical on your shingle, metal, or tile roof.

W/O Apple Roof Cleaning’s exclusive chemical emulsification technology, others are forced to use really strong solutions to get your steep roof cleaned.

This will clean your roof, but can have bad effects on your landscaping, gutters, paint, windows, and roof!