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Here is a tile roof we just cleaned in Tampa. Because this is is a commercial office building, we had to work on the weekend, when these Doctor’s Offices are closed. As you can see by the before and after the tile roof cleaning pictures, this was quite dirty. It had years of Mold, Mildew, and Algae buildup on it. The Doctor’s were very pleased with our work, and one doctor said we made the tile roof look just like it did when it was new. He was so impressed, he hired up to clean the roof on his personal home in the Westshore Yacht Club Community. His personal home sits right on Tampa Bay.

If you have a dirty tile or shingle roof that needs a safe, non pressure cleaning, followed by a treatment, call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate by phone.

Smart Commercial Roofs – choosing smart solar and green roof

A smart solution for a commercial roof would be a roof that provides quality
protection from the elements, a roof that is durable and doesn’t need a lot of
maintenance, a roof that is energy efficient and decreases the overall utility bills of
the building.
With the growing concerns for our climate, the environment and the general quality of life, the roofing industry is also taking necessary steps to play their part in the preservation of our planet. With the attention increasingly shifting towards the environment, conservation of energy, and energy efficiency, one of the most important characteristics of a roofing system is to be sustainable or green.
The direction in which the majority of roofing companies are going is towards reducing carbon emissions and towards a greener product. When it comes to smart, green roof solutions, the choice is usually between solar and green roofs in Perth. There is a detailed study in the ournal of Industrial Ecology assessing roof types for buildings , and according to it, the two best solutions for roofs when it comes to energy efficiency and the environmental impact of the entire process of production and installation of roofs, are solar and green roofs, for both warmer and colder climates. Reliable Roofing, Siding and Windows in Stoughton are already putting such solutions in practice.

1) Solar roofs
According to the study in the Journal of Industrial Ecology mentioned above, solar roofs have been found to be the best option when it comes to the overall environmental impact. Using only natural, renewable energy, they create their own green energy and help reduce the carbon emissions.
They also perform best when it comes to the building’s energy efficiency. Throughout the
day, the solar panels keep the ceiling cooler, preventing it from absorbing too much heat
from the sun, and during night they function as insulation by holding in the heat. So they
keep the building cooler during summer, and function as insulation during winter, reducing the need for heating and cooling, and decreasing the overall utility costs. If you are switching to a solar roof, most insulation services near Virginia are able to install them for you for a fraction of the cost compared to a solar company.

2) Green roofs
Green roofs are experiencing a surge in popularity when it comes to commercial roofing.
Companies are realizing that “going green” and being eco-friendly is both environmentally and financially favorable, so they are expanding their services to green and sustainable roof options which are increasingly in demand in the last few years.
They are very durable due to the waterproofing membrane on top of which the plants are
planted. It retains water, prevents runoff and therefore prevents moisture, leakages and
erosion of the building. The membrane also serves as a protection from UV rays and it
regulates the temperature, preventing the building from overheating or overcooling.

3) Smart green roofs
One step further in production of green roofs is automation of its monitoring and
maintenance. It can be done through the use of sensors, which could be solar powered.
Smart sensors would collect data on the temperature, water evaporation, etc.
Except said to lower the cost of roof maintenance, green roofs improve the air quality of the area, especially if there are more buildings with green roofs out there. As they also function as insulation, both in winter and summer, green roofs will undoubtedly decrease the energy consumption and with it the utility costs. They prevent the building from heating or cooling too much, so there is far less need for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.
With less energy consumption, the emission of greenhouse gases is also lower.

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Dark Shading On Roofs

Here is a great article written by our friends at Pacific Roof Cleaning

“Stud striping” or “structure striping” is a visible pattern that can be seen on building exteriors, typically on the north side and other shaded areas. This phenomena is a common site on building exteriors, particularly in areas where there is consistent moisture due to humidity, coastal marine layers, low lying valley fog, etc.

The dark shading is due to the proliferation of the cyano bacteria, gloeocapsa magma (GM). The pattern affect is the result of the direct contact transfer of heat from structural members such as studs, plates, headers, etc. The bacteria requires moisture to grow and flourish. The transfer of heat from framing dries the exterior surface quicker than areas where there are open or insulated bays. The result over time is a pattern, clearly showing the location of structural members below the exterior surface.

Structural striping is not limited to walls. It can also be evident on composition roofs, with rafters being the heat transferring members. While GM has infested all roof types, a pattern due to the bacteria can typically be found at unheated areas such as eaves and overhangs. This perimeter roof shading is particularly obvious when the attic space has not been well insulated and allows heat from the home into the attic area. Hire a professional roofing company from to help fix your roof.

In general, according to Arlington Baker, wood and tile roofs do not show a patterned growth of GM. This is because wood shingle and shake roofs have moderate insulating properties. Properly installed tile roofs create a natural thermal break and generally do not come into direct contact with heat transferring structural members.
Darker colors tend to hide the bacteria while lighter colors make the shading more obvious. As the bacteria develops and darkens with time, structural framing, heated and non-heated areas and even areas with irregular insulation become clearly visible. Solid building materials such as brick and mortar are equally affected by GM but there is no pattern due to internal heat transfer.
Commercial surfaces accentuate structural striping

Smaller residential homes with many windows, doors and comparatively smaller surface areas tend to obscure the pattern effect. On the other hand, commercial buildings with large monotone surfaces accentuate the effects of structural striping. Typically, commercial building walls show the consistent stud pattern that results from both metal and wood studs.

The best way to remove stud striping

The safest and most effective method to remove the bacteria that causes stud striping is using a chemical “soft wash” cleaning. This is true for at least two reasons. The first reason is that soft wash cleaning eradicates the bacteria that is the source of the problem. While using high pressure may remove the visible bacteria from the surface, it does not kill it. The great results from the soft wash method last much longer than cleaning with pressure. Another reason for using the soft wash method is that it causes no damage. Many of the exterior surfaces where stud striping is evident can be damaged from the use of high pressure. Chemical cleaning uses no more pressure than a garden hose; yet the results are fast, thorough and effective.

Reference: #1 Roofing Contractors in Westchester County NY | Top Roofers in Yonkers.

Shingle Roof Cleaning

Apple Roof Cleaning specializes in the cleaning of really steep, dangerous roofs others walk away from. We have a man lift we use for cleaning steep non walkable shingle and tile roofs. We are a nationally recognized Roof Cleaning Training Company, teachers of the very latest advances in safe, non pressure roof cleaning methods. Click the picture above for more information, or simply call us for a free estimate by telephone at 813-655-8777

Tile Roof Cleaning

tile-roof-cleaning-tampaPressure Washing a flat cement tile, ceramic tile, or barrel tile roof, will often break or damage it. Pressure Washing a tile roof requires walking all over it. If all that walking around doesn’t bust up your roof tiles, the high pressure certainly can. Pressure Washing Tile Roofs does not kill the plant (Algae) that is growing up there, it merely scatters this still living plant all over the place! It is not unusual for a Tampa area Homeowner who had their Tile Roof Pressure Washed, to have to get their homes and screen rooms/pool decks cleaned shortly after this crude, and obsolete cleaning method! We’re RCIA Certified Non Pressure Tile Roof Cleaning experts, we’ll take care of you! Click the picture for more information, or simply call us at 813-655-8777.

FAQ About Roof Cleaning In Tampa

Frequently Asked Roof Cleaning Questions


Q: What is the safest method for cleaning my tile or shingle roof in Tampa ?

RCIA Roof Cleaning Certified Badge
RCIA Certified Roof Cleaners!


A: A trusted source for safe roof cleaning are the technical bulletins put out by The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (They are an organization that represents the largest shingle manufacturers in the United States) and ELK/GAF (The largest shingle manufacturer in North America). Both of these technical bulletins provide the only chemicals that they consider safe to clean asphalt shingles without voiding the shingle warranties. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa only uses cleaners approved by ARMA and the RCIA (Roof Cleaning Institute Of America)

Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa (813)655-8777
Apple Roof Cleaning Won The Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Of The Year Award in 2002

Q: Will Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa use a pressure washer to clean my tile or shingle  roof?

A: No. we use a No Pressure Roof Cleaning Method. The Roof Cleaning Chemical is applied using less pressure than that found out of a garden hose. Using a pressure washer will void the shingle warranty and cause premature failure of asphalt shingles.

Q: When should my tile or shingle roof cleaning service be completed?

A: A shingle roof cleaning in the Tampa Florida area is usually most effective any time of the year. The average temperature is usually above 50 degrees any time of year here. Tile roof cleaning is best performed when it is a sunny day, and the temperature is above 70 degrees. The cleaning chemicals work better when helped by the Sun and warm temperatures. Some companies will clean a tile roof when it is colder outside, or overcast, and use a stronger chemical solution to compensate. This can have strip the glaze from your roof tiles, and kill your plants! Beware!

Q: Why is temperature important to roof cleaning?

A: Once the average temperature is above 50 degrees, the algae will open up and come out of a dormant stage. When the algae is open and growing is the most effective time for roof cleaning chemical to do its job.

Q: When should I schedule my service with Apple Roof Cleaning of Tampa?

A: Most any time, because we have 2 full time roof cleaning trucks to serve your needs quickly.

Q: What sets Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa above the competition?

A: At Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa, we only use the “No Pressure Roof Cleaning method”. This method is the only accepted practice by the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and are FULLY INSURED (million dollar policy). We have invested in the finest equipment the industry has to offer.

Our EMPLOYEES set us above the rest! All of our knowledgeable employees are trained and Certified in “Low Pressure Cleaning”, are drug-free, uniformed, and arrive at the scheduled time.

Q: Is roof cleaning harmful to my landscaping?

A: Yes and NO. Let me explain… In the hands of an inexperienced roof cleaner, a roof cleaning solution will kill any vegetation it comes in contact with. After all, it is designed to kill the algae, lichen, and moss growing on a roof.


In the hands of a Certified roof cleaner, precautionary measures are taken before, during, and after the roof cleaning process to prevent any damage to landscaping. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa has adopted all safety practices for both personnel and vegetation in it’s employee handbook.

Q: Where would be a good place for a homeowner in Tampa to learn more about roof cleaning?

A: Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa is a member of the RCIA (Roof Cleaning Institute Of America) and recommends their site for additional roof cleaning information. Click this link to visit: RCIA WEBSITE

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa (813)655-8777 is a fully-insured, full-service shingle and tile roof cleaning company serving Tampa Florida, and surrounding areas. Our experienced, RCIA CERTIFIED technicians are highly trained, knowledgeable, and courteous. We incorporate military discipline and values to every project we encounter, guaranteeing 110% satisfaction everytime. Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE for any of our RCIA Certified Roof Cleaning services.



Best Roof And Exterior Cleaning In Tampa

Apple Roof Cleaning of Tampa


Safe roof and exterior cleaning services.

Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa (813)655-8777
Apple Roof Cleaning Won The Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Of The Year Award in 2002  

We use our exclusive Apple Cleaning System for eradicating mold and fungus on many exterior surfaces. The evolution is that Apple Cleaning Systems specializes in soft wash, chemical roof and exterior cleaning. From shingle and tile roofs to exteriors, pool enclosures and decks, wood fences, awnings and many other surfaces, the Apple Cleaning System will clean your roof and exterior surface, and last four to six times longer than conventional pressure washing.Apple Cleaning Systems are now the new standard in Tampa, for roof and exterior cleaning services. Because our crews and support team work with the best equipment and processes in the industry, you will receive a higher level of service and support. Service and support you have never seen before in our industry. An example of this is how we can clean an entire home roof, exterior, drive, decks, enclosures, etc. within a  day! Then that cleaning will last longer than pressure washing. Imagine getting 12 months of clean for 12 months of your budget.

Dirt tile roof tampa palms 33647 barrel tile tampa roof cleaning

With residential properties we draw on our expertise of cleaning large commercial properties. We don’t get bogged down camping out on your home for days. We decisively clean your roof and home quickly and thoroughly, caring for your property as our own during and after the service.

Apple Cleaning System’s management team has a combined 40 years in the exterior cleaning industry, right here in the Tampa Florida area.

Hello from a dirty shingle roof in Tampa Palms!
Hello from a dirty shingle roof in Tampa Palms!


Our owner is a 1972 Grad of Brandon High School.

We know how to operate a cleaning company in Tampa responsibly, caring for our environment. and obeying the regulations.

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Please stop by regularly to see how our site is growing. You will be able to learn more about the exclusive Apple Roof and Exterior Cleaning System and watch demo videos of us in action. You will be able to browse our archives for information and resources about roof and exterior cleaning. Everything here at Apple Cleaning Systems Tampa is state of the art, updated, rethought, revamped and super sized, with you the educated roof cleaning customer in mind.

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Again…Thanks For Visiting Our Site

Thank You For Choosing Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa (813)655-8777

Hello, and Welcome!
My name is Chris.

Hello from a dirty shingle roof in Tampa Palms!
Hello from a dirty shingle roof in Tampa Palms!

I’m the owner and founder of Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa (813)655-8777

I want to extend a personal “THANK YOU” for finding our website! I hope you find the shingle and tile roof cleaning information you need to complete your project in a safe, timely and affordable manner.

My Bio: I  have been safely cleaning asphalt, fiberglass, tile, concrete and metal roofs here in the Tampa Florida for over 20 years. 

I’m the Founding Member of the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America , where we train and certify roof cleaners.

RCIA Roof Cleaning Certified Badge

We have over 300 small to medium sized roof cleaning contractors from all over the world registered within the RCIA forum and association.

We have the largest roof cleaning knowledge base in the world on our forum, as well as several nationally recognized roof cleaning professional Instructors besides myself, with well over a CENTURY of combined member roof cleaning experience.

Apple Roof Cleaning Won The Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Of The Year Award in 2002
Apple Roof Cleaning Won The Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Of The Year Award in 2002

 My hope is that Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa Florida 813-655-8777 may be able to assist you by answering most, if not, all of the questions you may have about non pressure roof cleaning, using industry approved, safe, soft washing methods.

We would like to educate you on the MANY reasons you should consider adding tile and shingle roof cleaning and anti-stain and streaking maintenance treatments to your normal annual home maintenance responsibilities. This will preserve and enhance the  curb appeal and longevity of, your current costly roof system, so you can keep more of your hard earned money in your wallet. Rather than taking out a second mortgage to pay for a new tile and shingle roof, itmay have only required a safe and inexpensive roof cleaning and residual treatment to make it look and perform its best.

While not every roof in Tampa can be saved from early replacement, most truly can have a restored look and performance. Most roofs with ages ranging from 7-20+ years can have new life breathed into them by using our safe, effective, and proven, tile and shingle roof cleaning system.

Cleaning Tile Roof Tampa palms

 Extend and maximize roof life by safely cleaning and treating your tile and shingle roof, and it may serve you for MANY more years to come.

Getting your tile and shingle roof cleaned and treated SOONER, rather than LATER, will mean the difference between early replacement and having maximized roof life, looks, and performance.

You may go to resource Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa at 813-655-8777 from 9 am till 9 pm 7 days a week.

Tampa Palms Barrel Tile Roof Cleaned 8-13-2003

Here is one we just cleaned a few days ago in the Reserve at Tampa Palms.
Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms

Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning



This was a 5000 sq ft barrel tile roof, with a 3 car garage. It cleaned up really nice, and it has the beautiful (when they are clean) glazed ceramic barrel tiles.
Glazed Ceramic Tile Roofs are not a place for a beginner!
They are extremely slippery during the non pressure tile roof cleaning process, from all the soap.
Plus, as can be seen, this home did not have many gutters, so the run off of the tile roof cleaning chemical had to be dealt with.

The owner of this home in Tampa Palms is a well known Tampa Radiologist (A Doctor).
He saw us smoking cigarettes, and gave us a lecture!
Of course, the Doctor is correct, and we are all trying to quit smoking!

This job came out beautifully, the Doctor is happy, and he submitted our invoice to the Tampa Palms Homeowners Association, as proof he complied with the roof cleaning letter he received.
Call us at 813 655 877 for a free estimate, if you need us.

Church Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

Here is a church roof we cleaned south of Tampa in Ruskin, Florida.

We are the founders of The Roof Cleaning Institute Of America. Students come here to the Tampa area, to learn how to clean roofs safely, w/o using any pressure washing.


We are always looking for large, difficult to clean roofs, like the one on this Church, to provide training opportunities for our roof cleaning students.

Because our students pay for us their roof cleaning training, we pass along the savings to Churches, and other non profit organizations here in the Tampa Florida area.

This Church was cleaned by our employees, because we did not have any students, at the time this job was done.

Because this roof was so steep, we emulsified our cleaning chemicals, for less run off, and more dwell time. You can see the roof cleaning chemical we call “Applesauce” cling to the steep, near vertical shingle roof surface.

We also installed temporary collection bags, on the downspouts of all the gutters, to collect and keep the roof cleaning chemical from effecting the beautiful landscaping of this Church.

The Pastor of this Church south of Tampa was delighted with our work, and even mentioned what a great job we did, after a Sunday Sermon!

From the cleaning of this Church Roof, we must have cleaned 25 other parishioners, who attend services there.

If you know of a Church in the Greater Tampa Florida area, that needs non pressure roof cleaning at reduced cost, we are always looking for training opportunities for our students.

All our work is done w/o using any pressure washing, and is guaranteed in writing to be safe for any roof. All roof cleaning training is supervised by an on site RCIA superintendent.

In fact, many of our “roof cleaning students” are actually experienced professionals in our Trade, who come here to Florida seeking their Roof Cleaning Certification Certificate.

They are required to demonstrate proficiency and competence to our RCIA Certified Roof Cleaning Instructors, so they can display the RCIA Certification Badge, on their websites, and in their advertising.