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Roof Cleaning Near Me is a very popular search here in the Tampa Florida area. Of course, everyone needing to have their roof cleaned wants a decent price, and some are under the mistaken assumption that if they search for Roof Cleaning Near Me they will get a better price. However, when deciding to have your roof cleaned, it is not a good idea to always shop for the best price. After all, this is the roof that protects your family’s home! A mistake in choosing the best roof cleaning company should not be based only on the lowest price. In fact, the lowest roof cleaning price will usually not even get you are real roof cleaning company. Instead you will usually get some jack of all trades who cleans a roof every now and then between pressure washing jobs, painting, or cutting grass! And God forbid, some of the guys will even use excess pressure on you roof, like they did on this one ! This Customer searched for "Roof Cleaning Near Me" ! Pressurized water is free, and the more pressure these guys can use on your roof, the cheaper thay can be! Proper Roof Cleaning Chemicals are not cheap, and plus most of these low priced so called roof cleaning companies work alone! Yes, that is correct, they work alone, so who is going to be watering the house and watering the plants ? When you hire Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa, we have 2 guys on EVERY Job, and sometimes on the Million Dollar Homes we clean, we sometimes have 3 people on those large jobs. We have been in the roof cleaning business here in the Tampa Florida area since 1991. We are a real roof cleaning company with esxcellent references, competitive prices, and zillions of happy customers!

So, the next time you do a search for Roof Cleaning Near Me, try and remember what you read here ? Watch the roof cleaning slideshow we put together showing the before and after pictures of nearly 100 roofs we have cleaned here in the Tampa area, over the years, to get an idea of the results you can expect! Call Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa at 813 655 8777 to get your free, no obligation roof cleaning cost!

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Shingle Roof Cleaning Plant City Florida

Black Stained Roof in Plant City Florida

Here is a recent shingle roof cleaning Plant City Florida we did recently. This makes the second time we have cleaned this shingle roof in 12 years. Our customers live in the Walden Lake Subdivision in Plant City, and they are what is called deed restricted. Deed Restrictions simply mean that they have a Homeowners Association sometimes called a HOA that enforces these deed restrictions. Some communities have stricter restrictions than others, but almost all HOA’s will require that you clean your roof, if it is dirty. They do this by actually driving around Walden Lake, and noting the addresses of all the dirty roofs. Once they have the address of the roofs that require cleaning, they send out letters forcing you to have your roof cleaned. That might sound mean, but consider this ? A Dirty Roof is much more than an eyesore, or cosmetic issue. Here is why! The so called “dirt” we see on shingle, metal, and tile roofs is not dirt at all! It is a type of algae, a living plant, that spreads itself from roof to roof to sidewalk to driveway, to side of homes, etc, etc, etc! So that means if only one resident of Walden Lake has a dirty roof, his roof algae can and will spread to his neighbors, and throughout the community! The ultimate life of any shingle roof is also a factor, because this roof algae has been known to actually grow Underneath your roofing Shingles! This plant has actually been known to force the shingles apart, if allowed to grow on a roof for too long!

Plus, a dirty roof looks bad, and greatly detracts from the overall looks of a home, and says “I don’t care how my home looks” loud and clear!

Since we have cleaned this roof over 6 years ago, we know these customers, and they know us! They are big time Tampa Bay Buc Fans, like we are! They got a clean your roof letter from their homeowners association called The Walden Lake Community Association. Because we did a great roof cleaning job for them, and it lasted 6 years, they decided to hire us again, to clean their shingle roof. It was our pleasure to clean their roof again, and talk Tampa Bay Football with our customers!

So, if you have a shingle roof cleaning in Plant City Florida for us to clean, or any other type of roof in a 50 mile radius of the Tampa area, call us at 813-655-777 for a free estimate on your roof cleaning cost.

Roof Cleaning Near Me

After over 25 years in Business here in the Tampa Florida area, most of our business comes from happy customers we have cleaned roofs for, in the past. But when we talk with many new customers, they tell us they have searched Google for “Roof Cleaning Near Me“. The reason we hear for the search for roof cleaning near me is, everybody wants a deal. People seem to figure that if they search for roof cleaning near me, they will find a company close by, and hopefully get a better deal on their roof cleaning cost.

There are several reasons that searching for roof cleaning near me is not always the best plan. Apple Roof Cleaning works in over a 50 mile radius of Tampa. So, if you are in Lakeland, we will simply schedule your roof cleaning with another customer we have to clean for, either in Lakeland, or that general area. So, as you can see, we are always working near you, even though our office might be 40 miles away!

Our advice is to not limit yourself by only searching for roof cleaning near me. For Instance, if you happen to live in Lakeland Florida, and only search for roof cleaning near me, we might not show up for that Google Roof Cleaning Search, because we are not physically in Lakeland, Florida, despite the fact that we are there nearly every week cleaning roofs.

So, please remember that you will not always get the lowest roof cleaning cost, or even more importantly the very best roof cleaning company, by doing a Google Search for “Roof Cleaning Near Me”.

Roof Cleaning Cost Tampa Florida
Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Year Winner 2002 !

Apple Roof Cleaning has been in business over 25 years in the Tampa, Florida area. We won the Chamber Of Commerce Business of the Year award in 2002! We did not win this award by damaging our customers roofs or property, or by cleaning the roof incorrectly, or by charging too much either! We are a nationally known roof cleaning company, known as experts in our trade, and known as teachers of proper roof cleaning methods. In fact, it is quite safe and accurate to say that many, if not most of our competitors learned how to properly clean roofs, from us!

Roof Cleaning Training

So, instead of searching for roof cleaning near me, thinking you may get a lower roof cleaning cost, simply give us a call at 813 655 777 for your free, no obligation estimate and consultation.

Roof Cleaning Cost

roof cleaning cost

When shopping for your Roof Cleaning Cost here in the Tampa Florida area, we want you to be aware companies are not all offering the same service. Of course, no one wants to pay more to have their shingle or tile roof cleaned than they have to, so they shop around. It is always a good idea to shop around, and get more than one estimate. For instance, a 75 inch Samsung TV is a 75 inch Samsung TV. So, whoever has the best price on that TV is where we want to buy from. However, when we are shopping for our roof cleaning cost, things are very different. To start with, not all roof cleaning is the same! Some companies here in the Tampa Florida area are not even roof cleaning companies! Many are really just some guy who cleans roofs, working alone! Roof Cleaning done the right way is not a one man job! Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa always has at least 2 people on every job, and sometimes, on larger jobs, we have 3 people. These extra people are needed to properly protect your landscaping and paint from the roof cleaning chemicals.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for your roof cleaning cost is, what kind of company are they ? Are they a dedicated roof cleaning company like us, or are they painters, yard or tree guys, or a Pressure Washing Company, who clean roofs every now and then. Try to make SURE they are really a roof cleaning COMPANY! Here is the proof we really are a properly licensed Roof Cleaning Company. We are the oldest, most experienced roof cleaning company in the Tampa Florida area. For over 30 years, we have been cleaning shingle, metal, and tile roofs, and have done over 18,000 Roofs! We also won the Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Year award in 2001!

Roof Cleaning Cost Tampa Florida Think about it, if you need Surgery, you are going to seek out a surgeon who specializes in the type of surgery you need. LOL, My Dentist does a great job on my teeth, but I sure don’t want him operating on me! If you would like to get an exact estimate of your roof cleaning cost, call us at 813 655 8777 and we can do it all by telephone, so you will know your roof cleaning cost right away!

Plant City Florida Shingle Roof Cleaning

We do a lot of Plant City Florida Shingle Roof Cleaning, and have for years! We were cleaning shingle and tile roofs in Plant City, before Walden Lake was built. Apple Roof Cleaning is based in Brandon Florida, so we clean roofs in Plant City every month. We enjoy eating at Maryland Fried Chicken, as well as Johnson’s BBQ! Here are some pictures of a Plant City Florida Shingle Roof Cleaning, that happened to be in Walden Lake.

Plant City Florida Shingle Roof Cleaning
Plant City Florida Shingle Roof Cleaning

So, if you are looking for Plant City Florida Shingle Roof Cleaning, give us a call for your free estimate at 813 655 8777

Unlike some other so called “Plant City roof cleaning companies”, we are experts at what we do. This is because our only business is cleaning roofs! We are not a pressure washing company, that cleans a roof every now and then. Roof Cleaning is our only business, so we are better at what we do. Apple Roof Cleaning is a real roof cleaning COMPANY, not a Handyman, Painter, or some guy who cleans roofs! We bring two men or more, to each and every job. This means that when our guy is up cleaning your roof, there will be an experienced person on the ground, making sure that your plants and home are protected from the inevitable run off and/or overspray of the roof cleaning chemicals. Yes, you can get a little cheaper Plant City Florida Shingle Roof Cleaning, but always remember, you get what you pay for!

We had a Woman call us who lives in Walden Lake. We gave her an estimate, but she went with some other “Plant City Roof Cleaning Service”, because he was 25.00 cheaper then us. This person worked alone, so he could be cheaper. The wind got hold of the roof cleaning chemical he used, and got on her house! It actually changed the color of her paint, and she wound up having to have her home repainted. So, to save 25.00 she wound up spending 850.00 for an exterior paint job! Of course, the guy she hired turned out to not be insured, even though he told her he had insurance!

Don’t let this happen to you! if you are shopping for Plant City Florida Shingle Roof Cleaning, call us, and put your mind at ease. Apple Roof Cleaning has been in business over 25 years, and has cleaned over 18,000 Roofs! So you can be sure your job will be done right, the first time!

Cleaning Algae Resistant Shingle Roof

Here are some pictures we took before and after we finished Cleaning Algae Resistant Shingle Roof in Tampa. Cleaning Algae Resistant Shingle Roof is not a job for an inexperienced roof cleaning company. Most roofing shingle manufacturers are using the 3M System that consists of adding additional Zinc and Copper Granules to you roof. These Zinc and Copper Granules are easily and forever removed by any form of pressure washing, or the use of improper roof cleaning chemicals. Once these Zinc and Copper Granules are removed by pressure washing and/or improper cleaning, your roof no longer has the algae resistance you paid for!

The way the 3M Algae Block system works is this. The Copper and Zinc Granules that are embedded in your roofing shingles secrete Zinc and Copper Sulfate, every time it rains. Zinc and Copper Sulfate are natural fungicides that kill any mold, mildew, or algae upon contact. This is how algae resistant shingles keep your roof clean. Many makers of these algae resistant shingles have a warranty, and will actually pay for your roof to be cleaned under warranty! Here in the Tampa Florida area, many shingle manufacturers will send you to Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa to get your algae resistant shingle roof cleaned, under warranty.

So, if you get a letter from your homeowners association to get your roof cleaned, check with your roofer or builder. You may have algae resistant shingles installed on your home, and not be aware of it ? If so, we can assist you in getting the cost of the roof cleaning covered under warranty!

We constantly get asked “Do algae resistant shingles work, and are they worth the extra money” ? The answer is a resounding YES! They work so well that they have actually hurt the business of roof cleaning companies in others area of the USA. However, here in Florida, our heat and very high humidity overwhelm them, so we are always Cleaning Algae Resistant Shingle Roofs.

Call us here at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813 655 8777 if you have any questions about Cleaning Your Algae Resistant Shingle Roof.

Before Cleaning Algae Resistant Shingle Roof in Tampa
After We Got Done Cleaning Algae Resistant Shingle Roof in Tampa

Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa 33647

Here is a barrel tile roof in Tampa in the 33647 zip code we recently cleaned. This home was in Hunters Green, near the Tampa Palms community. We were cleaning a shingle roof across the street when the owners came over to ask if we cleaned barrel tile roofs as well ? The entire subdivision was being sent clean your roof or else letters from the HOA, so these customers wanted to get the homeowners association off their back.

Dirty barrel tile roof 33647
Barrel Tile Roof North Tampa after we cleaned it

Our customers were quite surprised at the difference our roof cleaning service made! They bought their home a few years ago, and their roof was dirty when they bought it, so they have never seen their home with a clean roof before.

So, if you have any type of roof that needs cleaned, simply call us at 813 655 8777 for your free estimate by phone. All we need is your address, we can get all the information we need off the Internet to provide you with your roof cleaning cost.

Can You Pressure Wash A Shingle Roof ?

We often are asked “Can you pressure wash a shingle roof” ? The answer is yes, if you don’t care about ruining your shingle roof! Another question we get asked is “If I pressure wash a shingle roof, will it be clean” ? The answer is Yes, and 1/2 of it will be on the ground!

Dirty Shingle Roof in Tampa
Tampa Shingle Roof Cleaned Properly

So, if pressure washing will ruin a shingle roof, why do some roof cleaning companies in Tampa still use this method to wash a roof. The answer is ignorance and/or greed! Let us say a shingle roof cleaning costs 500.00. If we were to use a pressure washer to clean your roof, we could keep every dime of that 500.00 Roof Cleaning Chemicals are not cheap, and like everything lately, their prices have gone up considerably! WE only clean roofs chemically, w/o the use of any pressure at all! Though it costs us more than if we were to use a pressure washer, it is the right way to clean a roof.

Your shingle roof is basically a piece of either asphalt or fiberglass, that has ceramic granules glued to it. Some shingle roofs are what are called algae resistant. They use the 3M Algae Block System that has copper granules mixed in with the ceramic granules to help prevent the dreaded roof algae. The idea is, every time it rains, the water washes the copper sulfate released by these granules. Copper Sulfate is a natural algaecide, and it does help to keep the roof clean. However, here in the Tampa Florida area, the heat and humidity overwhelms even these algae resistant shingles, and as the result, the roofs get dirty despite the 3M Algae Block system! We clean so called “algae resistant” shingle roofs every week, so we know!

Never ever allow any roof cleaning company to use a pressure washer to clean your shingle roof, under any circumstances! Call Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa if you want your shingle roof cleaned the right way, at 813 655 8777

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning Tampa

Asphalt Shingle Roof in North Tampa Before Cleaning
Asphalt Shingle Roof in North Tampa 33647 after we cleaned it

We do quite a lot of Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning in the Tampa Florida area. This customer was up in Tampa Palms in the 33647 Zip Code. Usually the Tampa Palms Homeowners Association will not let an asphalt shingle roof get this dirty, but it does not matter to us how dirty a roof is! As long as the roof was never improperly cleaned, we can usually make it look almost brand new again. In fact, several of the neighbors were so impressed by our work, they asked us for a business card! They plan to use us, when the time comes for them to clean their roofs.

This customer just bought this home, and moved here from Indiana. We were talking about those great Pork Cutlet Sandwiches, and that awesome Skyline Chili they have up there! He is a Notre Dame Football Fan, and I have been to South Bend Indiana to watch them play Michigan one year. We referred him to a good pressure washing company, because as you can see, his sidewalks looked terrible. We are a roof cleaning company, and we do not even own, or want to own a pressure washing machine! Back in the early days of our company, we used to have pressure washing machines on our trucks, but found that they scared our customers! Several times we heard “You guys do not plan on using that pressure washing machine on our asphalt shingle roof, do you” ? So we removed the pressure washers from our trucks. A Pressure Washing Machine has no place in a roof cleaning company. They ruin peoples roofs! If you have any type of roof that needs cleaned, call us at 813 655 8777 to get an idea of your roof cleaning cost.

Tampa Barrel Tile Roof Cleaned

This is a Barrel Tile roof we recently cleaned, that is located here in the Tampa area. We cleaned the tile roof next door to this customer, and when he saw how good his roof could look, he gave us a call.

This Barrel Tile roof was not filthy, like some we clean, but this customer, and his neighbor live in what is called a deed restricted subdivision who will send out a roof cleaning letter if the roofs are not spotless. LOL, this particular homeowners association are known as one of the worst property managers in the entire Tampa Florida area!

Everyone here at Apple Roof Cleaning are animal lovers, and this customer had the cutest pair of Pugs, who somehow kept getting out, during this Barrel tile roof cleaning. Of course, protecting any Animal from getting the roof cleaning chemicals on them is always Job One. It seems our customers actually breed Pugs, and they have a breeding pair. Their Puppies start at 2500.00, because both Dogs are AKC Champions! LOL, yes, they are Champions all right, Champions at getting outside, when we are trying to clean their barrel tile roof!

We are big time Tampa Bay Buc’s Fans, and so is this customer! They are Season Ticket Holders like us, and we talked for a long time about the loss of Tom Brady! Well, we tried to talk, because a couple of very loveable little Dogs would not stop licking us!

We really enjoyed doing this job, and feel we made a new friend! We Love what we do, and in a humble way, we are very good at it too. So, if you would like to see what your Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Cost would be, feel free to call us at 813-655-8777 for your free, no obligation estimate!