Tampa Roof Cleaning Scams ?

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 We see Tampa Roof Cleaning Scams all the time, unfortunately. Beware of any Tampa Roof Cleaning Company offering to spray a “time released” roof cleaning chemical that will supposedly clean your shingle or tile roof with the rain,  over a short period of time.

Hundreds of Tampa Deed Restricted Homeowners have been sucked in by these crooks who merely spray water on your shingle or tile roof, give a guarantee your roof will be cleaned in a few weeks, then take your hard earned money and leave Tampa.

Tampa Homeowners Associations send out roof cleaning letters demanding you get your shingle or tile roof cleaned NOW, and will not accept the “My shingle or tile roof will come clean with the rain in 3 months excuse” They want instant roof cleaning results, the kind Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa has delivered to over 30 thousand Tampa Bay Area Homeowners over many years.

 Also beware of  Zinc Strips, they do NOT work to keep a  shingle roof clean in Tampa, unless installed under every 4 rows of shingles on your roof. If you look at the pictures of this asphalt  shingle roof in Tampa we cleaned, you can see the useless Zinc Strips!

This was the second shingle roof cleaning for this widow in North Tampa in 5 years (her roof is under trees!)

We felt awful that some Crooks took advantage of a widowed Senior Citizen, and gave her an additional roof cleaning discount, on top of the senior discount we always give our customers.

Here is a recent roof cleaning scam that is happening overseas.

Bogus workmen’s roof-cleaning scam alert

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Published Date: 06 August 2010
By Ben Spencer
News Reporter
COUNCIL bosses have issued a warning about bogus workmen operating a roof-cleaning scam.

Derbyshire County Council’s trading standards has received 43 complaints about firms which cold-call, claiming moss needs cleaning from roofs to prevent damage.

They offer to treat the tiles with a chemical which they claim improves waterproofing

But there is no evidence that roof coatings are beneficial and the use of high-pressure hoses to clean the roof can damage tiles and force water into the roof space.

Carol Hart, cabinet member for communities, said in some cases the scammers have caused serious damage.

She said: “They often don’t use scaffolding and walk on the roof without laying boards over the tiles first which can also damage them.

“They also try to con residents in to thinking they are getting a bargain by quoting a highly-inflated price which, after a call to the head office, is significantly reduced. I would urge people to be very wary of buying from any trader who turns up unannounced on their doorstep and never give them any money up front.”

She advised people to use the county council’s Trusted Trader scheme to find a reputable local firm.

It is not only Tampa Roof Cleaning Scams Homeowners need to watch out for! Because of the poor economy here in Tampa, there are many wanna be roof cleaning outfits going door to door, begging for work. Many have never received any roof cleaning training, other then a few “words of advice” from the place who sold them their roof cleaning equipment! Read below, and beware!
 Read the article below from Tampa Florida area newspaper, and see what happened to some unsuspecting consumers who hired the wrong Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning Company.

” TAMPA – A container with an acid residue exploded Friday morning in New Tampa, severely burning a 36-year-old man.

Investigators say Kenneth Toledo, a Tampa man who owns a pressure washing business, poured chlorine and water into the container, which had previously been used to apply an acid wash. The container had not been properly rinsed, and the resulting chemical reaction caused the explosion, officials said. The container exploded as Toledo scaled a ladder to clean the tile roof of a Hunter’s Green home in the 17800 block of Osprey Point Place, pelting Toledo with chemicals and shrapnel. He was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital. His condition was unknown Friday.
The explosion also blew a 2-foot-wide hole in the roof. Tile was scattered about the driveway. Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning Explosion Link 

Don’t you become a victim of the crooks, or roof cleaning incompetence!

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