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Benefits of Softwash Roof Cleaning 

Softwash roof cleaning is a surprisingly simple process that provides dramatic results for Tampa Florida area customers. Rather than applying brute force in the form of a pressure washer in order to remove algae, mold, dirt, mildew and grime, soft wash roof cleaning utilizes a mist of an incredibly effective solution that not only kills algae and mold while dissolving dirt and grime, but that also helps to prevent regrowth of these harmful substances. All with less pressure than a garden hose. The benefits of softwash roof cleaning are numerous, especially when compared to traditional pressure washing treatments.

Softwashing doesn’t damage your tile or shingle roof. 

Pressure washing, with 2,000 to 5,000 psi of water pressure, eats away at the protective coating on your roof, damages asphalt shingles and tiles, and does little to prevent the regrowth of algae and mold. This means you have to undergo pressure washing treatments more frequently, only furthering the damage. In fact, the damage caused by a pressure washing system is the equivalent to a hail storm, a fact that more and more shingle and tile roofing manufacturers are recognizing.
It won’t void  your shingle warranty. Roof material manufacturers understand that pressure washing dramatically reduces the lifespan of a roof, and having it done will void the warranty of your roof in many cases. However, most manufacturers approve softwash cleaning, which means your product guarantee will still be in place and in good standing, when our crews drive away from your home.

The results last longer. 

The unique chemicals used in softwash roof cleaning dissolve dirt and grime and kill algae and mold. The misting system of a softwash rig allows the cleaning chemicals to penetrate the roof and get into every single nook and cranny, ensuring that your entire roof is clean when we’re done. On the other hand, pressure washing often misses things, which means there’s still a breeding ground for harmful organisms left over even after the most efficient cleaning. In addition to this, pressure washing only gets rid of dirt and grime, while softwash roof cleaning actually protects your roof from developing mold and algae down the road. This means your roof needs cleaned less often, saving you time and money.

It increases roof life. 

The gentle nature of softwash roof cleaning and the protective chemicals used to clean the roof ensure that you get the most out of your investment. While other cleaning methods can actually reduce the lifespan of your roof, requiring that you replace it sooner rather than later, soft washing on an as-needed basis prevents damage and protects the roof from harmful organisms. Ironically enough, algae and other organisms here in the Tampa Florida area actually feed off of the materials commonly used in roofing, causing the shingles, tiles and other materials to degrade. With soft washing, there’s no damage during cleaning and it prevents damage afterwards, so that 30 year roof will actually last you 30 years or more.

In the end, soft wash roof cleaning is the most effective and safest roof cleaning method available here in the Tampa area. Don’t settle for subpar treatments; reap the benefits of softwash roof cleaning today!

How Softwash Roof Cleaning Works

Since contractors, companies and homeowners here in Tampa realized the benefits of roof cleaning, from removing algae to increasing home efficiency to killing off mold to keep the home safe, pressure washing was the common choice in treatment. Yet over time, it quickly became apparent that pressure washing, with water reaching thousands of psi, actually did more harm than good. Such a high level of water pressure damages any type of roof, from basic shingles to expensive tiles. And while many companies still utilize this damaging method of cleaning, softwash roof cleaning is now the absolute best choice available to homeowners.

So what is Softwashing ? 

Essentially, softwash roof cleaning is a detergent-based process that utilizes water with less pressure than is emitted by a basic garden hose. The softwashing detergents are used to kill roof algae at its core, one of the most common causes of damage to the roof, reductions in home heating and cooling efficiency, and unsightly discoloration. In addition to removing and killing algae along with mold and dirt, softwash roof cleaning also leaves behind deterrents to prevent algae or mold from growing back. In fact, soft wash roof cleaning lasts four times longer than basic pressure washing here in Tampa, all without damaging the roof, the home or the surrounding vegetation.

When the crew shows up to softwash your roof, the equipment may surprise you. Rather than a modified pressure washing system (so common here in Tampa), softwash equipment most closely resembles the products used in pest control. A softwashing rig is comprised of a tank, pump, hose and spray gun. It’s simple in its beauty and effective as well. Rather than blasting high-pressure water directly onto your roof, the soft washing rig gently applies a mist of an incredibly effective yet still gentle and biodegradable solution. We tailor the exact products to your specific roof, the climate here in Tampa, and the issues you’re facing, from mold to algae to basic dirt and grime. Essentially, the power of the softwashing rig comes from the solution itself rather than the equipment, yet the equipment still plays a pivotal role. The soft mist allows the solution to penetrate the roofing system and get in between the cracks, ensuring that the entire roof is treated. This not only cleans your roof right the first time, but also ensures that the preventative solutions present in the soft wash products protect every part of your roof, from the highest peak to the small gaps between tiles.

By utilizing top-of-the-line shingle and tile roof cleaning solutions, environmentally friendly products that minimize harm to plants and vegetation, and soft, gentle sprayequipment, softwash roof cleaning is the single best method to ensure that you realize the full life of your shingle or tile roof in Tampa, protect the home below it, and drastically increase your property value and curb appeal.

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