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Hello, Chris from Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa here.
I want you to Ask yourself this question, how long did your last shingle roof cleaning last?
If the answer is less than one to two years then your shingle roof was not cleaned and disinfected properly. In this article, Apple Shingle Roof Cleaning Tampa FL 813 655 8777 will show you exactly why you need to hire a RCIA certified roof cleaning professional when cleaning your tile or shingle roof.

It is January 2010,  that time of the year in Tampa, FL when homeowners association letters are sent out by Tampa Property Managers for shingle roof cleaning.
Or perhaps you are removing the endless bags of leaves from your roof tops and gutters, and notice the black streaks on roofs,or the algae stains, common here in Tampa, FL.

You call up three shingle roof cleaning companies, and get three different options on what to do about the roof algae, and black streaks on your shingle roof.

■The first roof cleaning company you call uses a pressure washer, claiming they use “green roof cleaning chemicals” with a “low pressure” rinse because cleaning with just chemicals “drys” out and cracks the asphalt roofng shingle. The quoted price is usually much lower then any of the other shingle roof cleaning estimates, because the black stains are only temporarily removed from your roof, and will require cleaning again soon. This subjects your shingle roof to walking and chemical applications on the asphalt roofing shingles year after year.
The so called “green roof cleaning” price will be cheaper, because the more pressure that is used to clean your roof, the less roof cleaning chemical needed by these incompetent, wanna be roof cleaners, at the expense of your shingle roofs life and structural integrity!

■The second roof cleaning company uses a so called non pressure roof cleaning method with a small battery operated 12 volt utility pump spraying one to three gallons per minute, under optimum spraying conditions. Working alone, they will typically “cover” all of  your plants to protect them from the small amount of dangerously strong roof cleaning chemical dripping off your asphalt shingle roof.
Of course, there will be no experienced ground person to protect your paint and windows either!
The price again seems too good to be true for a company to both professionally clean your shingle roof, and conduct business with proper licensing, certification, and insurance, while spraying the very expensive soaps and cleaning chemicals on a roof for hours. In order to clean a roof with the proper dilutions of shingle roof cleaning chemicals, a company must use approximately 150 – 250 gallons of cleaning mixture on an average sized shingle roof.

■The third company you call is Apple Shingle Roof Cleaning Tampa.
We are professional, full-time, natonally recognized and certified roof cleaning experts and teachers, that use only roofing shingle manufacturer’s approved and safe chemicals at approved dilution and mixing ratios, with dedicated, full time roof cleaning trucks!
No pressure washing trailer pulled by the family SUV here!
You soon realize the benefits such as minimal walking on the roof surface (thanks, in part, to high performance roof cleaning chemical pumps that are custom made to our demanding specifications, which are not pressure washers), years of pride and satisfaction in your home (our shingle roof cleanings typically last three to six years), and affordable (when you add up all the costs associated with the damage of continuous walking and chemical applications on the roof year after year by roof cleaning company number one, and the replacement costs of vegetation and paint destroyed by roof cleaning company number two).

Here is photographic proof that our Shingle Roof Cleaning process lasts.

Before a Shingle Roof Cleaning Tampa FL in 2005

Dirty Enough Shingle Roof ?

This asphalt shingle roof is the customers original roof  from 1996. Our Non Pressure Roof Cleaning process using our exclusive “Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Chemical” cleaned this roof in 2005.

November 2009 – Tampa FL Shingle Roof is still clean !

This picture was taken in 2009 and has had no roof cleaning since our initial cleaning in 2005.  This Tampa FL Shingle Roof has a few more years until it needs to be re cleaned again !

Not only does the non pressure shingle roof cleaning we did in Tampa still look great, the entire deed restricted property will remain clean longer.
No more nasty black stuff coming off the shingle roof onto your pool deck!
Do you ever see the black algae, green mildew,  and dirt on the fascia edge just under the roofing shingles? You do not see those ugly stains under clean shingle roofs. Also, mold, mildew, and algae once removed, has not been feeding upon your asphalt shingle roof. So, in effect, you have lengthened the life of the shingle roof because you have more granules reflecting heat and U/V Rays than you would if you let the algae, mold, and mildew continue to grow, and take root, or allowed any pressure cleaning.

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