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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa pioneered the art of chemical roof cleaning, and we teach it to others at the Roof Cleaning Institute. Our Apple Sauce and Apple Cider Roof Cleaning Chemicals use state of the art rheology modifiers and emulsifiers, carefully chosen for their compatibility and safety. This means we can make our roof cleaning chemical as thick or as thin as we want, for maximum cling and roof cleaning power.

Our Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Chemical is thickened up to an almost Honey like consistency so it stays put on your Tampa Roof.
Because it stays put on your roof, it allows us to use a lower

concentration of roof cleaning chemical, passing the savings on to you!
This lower concentration roof cleaning chemical is also much safer for your plants, grass, and other landscaping.

Tampa Roof Cleaning companies lacking our technology are forced to use much stronger roof cleaning chemicals that can make your yard look like a lunar landscape, and literally burn up your shingle roof.

Here is a Church Roof Cleaning in Tampa done with our exclusive Apple Sauce. See the difference ? Very little run off because the Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Chemical stays put!

This makes our grounds people life easier, and we also use LESS of your expensive water to neutralize the thickened roof cleaning chemical!

All Chemical Roof Cleaning in Tampa is not “the same”.
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Roof Cleaning Training

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Chris doing roof cleaning training

 Every now and then, we are able to offer hands on roof cleaning training at our home office here in Tampa. A person seeking training in the latest methods of cleaning roofs must provide transportation and lodging for himself during their stay. They must also have their own safety equipment such as respirators, gloves, goggles, etc, etc.  If you are interested in becoming a roof cleaner, contact us about roof cleaning training.
Here is a past student of ours we are might proud of!

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Excellent Roof Cleaning Training by Chris at Apple Roof

Special thanks to Chris and his helper Richard for the high quality roof cleaning training I received from them last week. I have been in the pressure washing business for 6 years doing mostly house washing, decks, and concrete sealing. I had no roof cleaning experience until I started reading this forum and called Chris to see if he would let me tag along for a day. He is a true professional in the roof cleaning business and after watching and participating on 3 jobs, it was well worth the time and money. I highly recommend his training to anyone thinking about doing roof cleaning. I hope to be posting some of my work in the near future and look forward to getting to know many of the regulars on this forum. Again, thanks Chris for giving me the opportunity to learn from you and Richard. I won’t miss the smoke from the wildfires though.

Ken Horton
Hydro Clean Pressure Washing
Imperial, MO

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Roof Cleaning Training Tampa FL

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Here is Kevin training a couple of soon to be retired Firefighters who came here to Tampa to be trained by us in 2007!
Roof Cleaning Training is something we have done for over 10 years!
Prospective Roof Cleaners from all over the USA come here to Tampa to be properly trained in the latest roof cleaning methods!




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711 Westbrook Ave
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