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When looking to hire a roof cleaning service, many people in Tampa make the mistake of buying on price alone. Lacking enough information, they just assume all Roof Cleaning in Tampa is “the same”, and hire whoever offers them the best price. Of course, the Kia Salesman will tell you his car is “just as good” as a Mercedes Benz, LOL
Shopping for roof cleaning prices on the Internet can set you up to get your roof ruined. It is far too easy for fly by night operators to create a roof cleaning web site, and pay a computer geek to make sure their web site is visible in a search for Tampa Roof Cleaning Cost . Many of these shady operators will have pictures of impressive homes they claim to have cleaned the roofs on, but have they really ?

Look real close, how many Before and AFTER roof cleaning pictures do they have ? Are these roof cleaners BBB Members, and what qualifications or certifications do they have to clean your roof ? What awards have they won, and what do their peers in the roof cleaning business think about their work ?
Are they going to pressure wash your roof, and if they say they are going to use chemicals to perform the roof cleaning, how do you know they are not going to water the chemicals down to offer low roof cleaning prices, or use cheap, unapproved, and dangerous chemicals to keep the roof cleaning cost down.

We at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 are nationally know Teachers of Roof Cleaning,  the founders of the Roof Cleaning Institute. We wrote the Certification Standards. We are also BBB Accredited Members with an A+  Rating, and we clean more roofs then ANY Roof Cleaning Company In Tampa.

Imagine that, an A+ BBB Rating  ?
Think about this. Many folks who hire our roof cleaning service do not want to even get their roofs washed. They are being forced to get roof cleaning prices by their homeowners associations, or property managers. Many are mad as hell that their deed restrictions require them to spend money they had not planned on, to clean their roofs!
They can not take their anger out on their homeowners association, so God help the roof cleaners if they ruin your roof, break your tiles, kill your plants, or cause leaks, despite their low roof cleaning prices. Yet, with all this, Apple Roof Cleaning has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, as well as a great rating on Angies List!

No, our roof cleaning prices are NOT the lowest in Tampa. We clean your roof up to RCIA Certification Standards, not down to a price. Just as a quality home in Tampa Palms in a great neighborhood costs more then a run down termite trap in a bad neighborhood in East Tampa, our roof cleaning service costs just a little more, but it is well worth it.
When shopping for Roof Cleaning Cost, consider this. This is the roof of you home we are talking about, you are not shopping for a Maytag Washing Machine, or a new automobile, and whoever has the best price wins.
Please remember, All Roof Cleaning In Tampa is NOT “The Same”.

We at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 try to be reasonable on cost.  We won the Brandon Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Year award in 2002, so we must be doing something right ?
But if you find a price for comparable roof cleaning, we will match, not beat it. And we will do a better job cleaning your shingle or tile roof, because quite simply, we have much more experience, and are better at what we do.
Our advice is, don’t hire any Tampa Roof Cleaning Company w/o at least talking to us first. Don’t allow fast talking con men offering low roof cleaning prices to ruin you roof.  Another tactic we see far too often is shady operators will give you a very low roof cleaning price, to “get their foot in the door”. Once they arrive at your home, and you have taken the day off work, they start to tell you that you “need additional cleaning for your home, screen roof, or driveway”.  They can’t make any money performing the roof cleaning for the low cost they quoted, so they depend on selling you unneeded, unwanted, and costly additional cleaning work. They depend on you to capitulate! If you don’t, they will “clean your roof” in a 1/2 ass fashion. Then, when you say “Hey my roof don’t look very clean, my homeowners association will never go for that” they will say ” Our roof cleaning price was for one coat of chemicals only, or one pass of our pressure washer”  So, the “low cost roof cleaning” wasn’t really so low cost, now was it ?
We don’t low ball you,  or play those games.
Call 813-655-8777 for your free consultation and roof cleaning cost today.

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