Tampa HOA Roof Cleaning Letters

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You got a Roof Cleaning letter from your Tampa HOA.Your roof is dirty, you can see black stains,or maybe some other type of fungus. Now the question is “how do I go about cleaning it?” You are not alone being Deed Restricted in Tampa, Florida.In fact I’m sure that you have noticed the same problem […]

Will Copper Strips Keep Your Roof Clean ?

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Roof cleaning measures such as pressure washing can remove or roughen the surface of the roofing material, reducing the intended productive life of the roof. At best it is a messy, temporary solution which would need to be repeated frequently. This sort of procedure also does nothing to kill the spores that created the Algae […]

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Tile Roof Cleaning Company Tampa Florida

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Apple is the most experienced Tile Roof Cleaning Company in the entire Tampa Florida area. We are a real certified roof cleaning company.  We are not yard guys who clean tile roofs, not handymen, painters, or Pressure Washers, who clean a tile roof every now and then. 90% of our business is cleaning tile roofs, in […]

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Clean Your Roof Before You Sell Your Home

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Don’t Let a Dirty Roof Turn Away Prospective  Buyers In the rush to dispel clutter, clean every square inch, and make sure the lawn looks green and inviting.  Homeowners who are making preparations to sell often completely forget about a part of their home that will be visible in every exterior marketing photo, and from […]