Tampa Palms Tile Roof Cleaned Chemically

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 A Job in Tampa we did recently, using our Chemical Roof Cleaning System

No Pressure Washing of any kind was used on this Tampa Palms Tile Roof.

The Apple Roof Cleaning exclusive Tri Chem Chemical Cleaning System was used, that treats the black roof algae as a pest, instead of just a roof stain.

Our Chemical Tile Roof Cleaning not only lasts far longer then Pressure Washing, it also gives a better long term appearance. This is because unlike Pressure Washing, the chemical cleans all the roof tiles evenly. 

Think about it ? A Barrel Tile Roof is a round surface, and it is not possible to apply the exact same amount of pressure to the round sides of the tiles, as it is to the surface. This often leads to what we call “Zebra Striping” of the roof.

We think the before and after the tile roof cleaning pictures speak for themselves. 

If you have any roof, shingle, metal, flat or barrel tile, that needs cleaned in the Greater Tampa Florida area, call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate and consultation.

Much of the time, we can get all the information we need to give you an immediate quote by phone, on your roof cleaning cost.

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