Cheval Homeowners Association Roof Cleaning

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The Cheval Homeowners Association sent our customer a roof cleaning letter. He did not know who to call to get this steep 2 story shingle roof cleaned. As he was playing on the Cheval Golf Course, he was given our name by a previous customer. He wanted to get 3 bids, and called 2 other Tampa Roof Cleaning Companies. They came out to give him their estimates. One simply refused to even bid on cleaning this steep and dangerous 2 story roof. The second Company from Lutz, suggested he call us:)

A steep, older, 2 story shingle roof like this, is no job for your yard guy, or a handyman!
This shingle roof in Cheval is nearing the end of it’s life, and has noticeable loss of it’s protective granules. It is the roof’s ceramic granules that determine it’s color. Once the granules are missing, the roof can look dark, or even black, even if it is not dirty! This is because shingles are made from either fiberglass or asphalt, and they are dark in color.

The Homeowners Association in Cheval is pretty strict, and really wanted a roof replacement, at a cost of near 15,000 dollars! However, we were able to clean this steep, dangerous roof, and satisfy the Association!

Our customer will still have to replace his aging shingle roof someday in 3 to 5 years, when it gets dirty again. But we are proud that we bought him some Time!

711 Westbrook Ave
Brandon, Florida 33511