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 When cleaning roofs in tampa that can’t be safely walked on, we use professional roof cleaning equipment for our safety, and yours. Here are some no walking tampa roof cleaning pictures of us cleaning roofs with professional equipment. Can we clean your roof from a ladder ? Sure we can, since our roof cleaning equipment is custom made to our specifications. Is it the best way to clean a roof from a ladder ? No, it is not. Ladder accidents are far too common.

Fortunately, most tile and shingle roofs in tampa THOUGHT to be “un walkable” really are quite walkable for Certified Roof Cleaners with the right training and equipment, like us. Call Apple Roof Cleaning at 813 655 8777 for a “second opinion” if anyone tells you that you have an un walkable roof in tampa. If it does turn out that your roof needing cleaning is un walkable, let us quote you on cleaning it the right way.  Do not be fooled into thinking “all roof cleaning in tampa is the same”.  Before you choose any tampa roof cleaning company to clean your shingle or tile roof, do your homework. God forbid, you may be deceived into hiring some wanna be roof cleaner with a clever website that may use this Roof Cleaning Chemical on your roof!  Ask yourself, does the company you are considering have dedicated roof cleaning trucks, or are they part timers pulling a trailer with the family SUV ? Look closely at their so called roof cleaning pictures.  Are they before and after pictures showing them actually doing the work, or are they simply pictures of already clean roofs on impressive looking houses they want you to believe they cleaned ? Unfortunately, there is a considerable amount of deceit and deception by some desperate individuals in Tampa wanting you to believe they are “roof cleaning experts”.  Do your homework, and do not be fooled. This is not simply pressure washing a driveway folks, we are talking about the expensive roof protecting your home here. A mistake in judgment can cost you plenty!  Read here about some unfortunate customers who hired the wrong ‘Tampa Roof Cleaning Company

Here are some pictures of us using professional roof cleaning equipment instead of ladders to clean roofs with.

This was a 10,000 sq ft slate tile roof in Avila above.

Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa Palms in the Reserve to the left.

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