How do you remove rust stains on a roof?

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How do you remove rust stains on a roof?

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Oxalic or Muriatic Acid diluted with water will remove rust stains from a roof.

Here in Tampa, Muriatic Acid is common, used for swimming pools.

Diluted 1 part acid to 4 parts water, it will remove rust stains off a roof.

Plain Vinegar is a mild acid, and should be tried first!

You may have to apply several applications of it, but we here at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa suggest you try it first ?

More roof rust stain removal info may be had by going here

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How do you kill black algae on your roof?

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How do you kill black algae on your roof?

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To just KILL Roof Algae, simply spray it with some Copper or Zinc Sulfate mixed with water.

  4 ounces of  copper sulfate per gallon of water will kill any plant growing on a roof, and provide lasting protection against re growth for awhile.

Be sure and wet ALL plants and grass down before application.

It can be applied with a pump up sprayer.

The Roof Algae will die, and so will roof moss, and roof lichens!

Eventually, the rain will wash the dead plant matter from the Black Algae away, but it does take a long time.

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Green Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

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Green Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida ?


Is it really “GREEN ROOF CLEANING” for Tampa Customers

The photo above shows us applying roofing manufacturer approved, shingle roof cleaning chemicals, to a Tampa FL roof.

One of over 15,000 Roofs we have safely cleaned in Tampa w/o any “Green Roof Cleaning” nonesense.

Ask any roofer in Tampa about Apple Roof Cleaning.

Our good reputation with Tampa Roofing Contractors speaks for itself.

RCIA Roof Cleaning
Our owner is a nationally recognized non pressure roof cleaning expert. Roof Cleaning Institute Of America

We follow the ARMA recommended non pressure roof cleaning chemical suggestions of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

We see some advertising a so called “No Pressure, Environmentally Safe, “Green Roof Cleaning” method.”

The ads seem almost too good to be true.

No bleach, EPA Registered, safe for plants and pets, biodegradable, non toxic, made by a chemist, environmentally friendly, everything they think you want to hear about their so called “Green Roof Cleaning for Tampa“.

But, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Remember, that’s a plant growing on your roof, so if its safe for plants, how can the “Green Roof Cleaning” kill the one growing on your roof ?

Do you want to get your shingle roof cleaned every 6 months ?

Sodium Hydroxide, one of the active ingredients these so called “Green Roof Cleaning” companies use, is extremely caustic and corrosive, just click on this link Unsafe Roof Cleaning Link
Strong Sodium Hydroxide chemical roof cleaning solutions can cause the granules to start falling off your shingles by dissolving the glue holding them in place.

Still want that “Green Roof Cleaning” stuff on your roof ???

The Consumer Product Safety Commission published a voluntary recall of one of these unapproved ” Green Roof Cleaning Chemicals” and you will soon see why ! Roof Cleaner Recall

High levels of Sodium Hydroxide, yuk !

Perhaps they really are not as “environmentally friendly, non toxic, biodegradable “Green Roof Cleaning Chemicals” as claimed the “Green Tampa Roof Cleaning Company” ?

These Sodium Hydroxide chemical solutions are applied by the ” Green Roof Cleaning Company”, they wait 30 minutes for it to “work”, and then they are rinsed off, supposedly with no pressure.

But how do you KNOW its really “no pressure” ??

If it really is “Non Pressure Green Roof Cleaning”, then why are they using a Pressure Washer or special pump to rinse it off, DUH ?

Remember, this un approved green roof cleaning chemical takes 30 minutes to work, and if a spot is missed, or the Sodium Hydroxide didn’t “take”, they must re – apply the harmful green roof cleaning chemical, and then wait another 30 minutes.

Don’t think for a minute that someone is going to sit there waiting another 30 minutes out in the hot sun to re – apply the “green roof cleaning” chemical.

They are simply going to get down off the roof, and turn up the pressure washing machine, until the high pressure removes the spots the “green roof cleaning chemical” missed !

So now the “Green Roof Cleaning” has turned into regular old pressure washing.

IF they were really using “no pressure roof cleaning” why don’t they just simply wait for a good rain to rinse it off, or use a garden hose ?

Because the “Green Roof Cleaning” chemical will not rinse off with a good rain or a garden hose, and it wont rinse off with low enough pressure to not remove the granules from your roof.

The Asphalt Shingle Manufacturer’s know this, and that’s one of many reasons you will NEVER see a letter of approval from ARMA for this dangerous type of roof pressure washing.

Don’t be fooled by the claims of it’s EPA registered, environmentally safe, made to clean roofs, safe for plants, environmentally friendly, no more pressure than a Garden Hose, etc.

Protect yourself.

Call your local Tampa – Brandon Florida area roofing contractor, have they ever heard of them, or know of any asphalt or fiberglass shingle roof they have chemically cleaned ?

Can they produce references from Shingle Manufacturers, or roofing contractors, proving they are competent to chemically clean your roof?

Are they really roof cleaning experts, and is their Main Business Cleaning Roofs In Tampa ?

Sodium Hydroxide is used to strip paint, is an active ingredient in Drain openers, is extremely corrosive, and causes severe burns.

Go ahead, click the link near the top of the page, see for yourself.

Still want that so called “Green Roof Cleaning” chemical on your roof?

Neither do the makers of your roof shingles, and neither does your roofer.

There is no need to “Go Green” for Roof Cleaning.

So called “Green Roof Cleaning” is NOTHING new, just a marketing ploy, designed to mislead people needing roof cleaning, who care about the Planet we all live on.

If you want to really Go Green Roof Cleaning in Tampa“, here is how to do it.

Simply have your roof pressure washed, that is as Green as roof cleaning gets, since only water is used.

Unfortunately, ANY pressure used on your roof will ruin it, or shorten roof life!

Call 813 655 8777 for a free telephone estimate/consultation exposing “Green Roof Cleaning” for the BS it is, from Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Of Tampa Florida.

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Roof Cleaning Tampa – Why does chlorine kill plants?

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Why does chlorine kill plants?

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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa are nationally known teachers of roof cleaning.
People wanting to learn the roof cleaning trade come to our Forum and to Tampa for training and certification.
If you click the link above, you can see us answering a question.

If other roof cleaning people turn to Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa for answers, should there be any question of what Tampa Roof Cleaning Company you should hire to clean your roof, and protect your plants ?

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Roof Cleaning Plant City Florida 33563, 33566

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Plant City FL Roof Cleaning 33563 – 33566 By Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa.

Apple Roof Cleaning does a lot of work in Walden Lakes, in Plant City.
We have clean a LOT of roofs in the Historic District of Plant City.
Many of these older Plant City Roofs are VERY steep in the Historic District.
Very FEW Plant City Roof Cleaning Companys can clean them, w/o falling off the steep, older roofs!
We are an RCIA Master Certified Roof Cleaning Company.
The ONLY one in the area.
You can pay MORE for Plant City Roof Cleaning, but you can not get better.
Give us a call for all your Plant City Roof Cleaning needs at 813 655 8777 ?


APPLE ROOF CLEANING TAMPA – Serving Plant City, FL 33563, 33566
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(813)655 8777
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Roof Cleaning Zephyrhills Florida 33542

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Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Zephyrhills 33542

Guaranteed Safe, Non Pressure, RCIA Certified Roof Cleaning For Zephyrhills and Pasco County, FL 33542 – Senior Discounts !

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(813)655 8777
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Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa – Service Area

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Here are some of the Roof Cleaning areas we service, besides Tampa.
Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa is a Master Certified Roof Cleaning Company by the RCIA.
We are the ONLY Master Certified Roof Cleaning Company in the entire Tampa Bay area.

Roof Cleaning Service Areas

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida
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813 655 8777

Here are some areas we provide service in.

Roof Cleaning Hernando County | Roof Cleaning Hillsborough County | Roof Cleaning Manatee County | Roof Cleaning Pasco County | Roof Cleaning Pinellas County | Roof Cleaning Polk County | Roof Cleaning Sarasota County

■Roof Cleaning Apollo Beach Florida 33572
■Roof Cleaning Avila Florida 33613
■Roof Cleaning Beach Park Florida 33609-33629
■Roof Cleaning Belleair Beach 33786
■Roof Cleaning Belleair Bluffs 33770
■Roof Cleaning Belleair Shores 33786
■Roof Cleaning Bloomingdale Florida 33596
■Roof Cleaning Boca Ciega
■Roof Cleaning Boyette Springs 33569
■Roof Cleaning Bradenton FL 34201-34212, 34280-34282
■Roof Cleaning Brandon FL 33508-33511
■Roof Cleaning Carrollwood 33624
■Roof Cleaning Cheval FL 33549
■Roof Cleaning Citrus Park 33625
■Roof Cleaning Clair Mel City 33619
■Roof Cleaning Clearwater 33755
■Roof Cleaning Crystal Beach 34681
■Roof Cleaning Dover 33527
■Roof Cleaning Drew Park Florida 33607 – 33614
■Roof Cleaning Dunedin Florida 34697, 34698
■Roof Cleaning Durant Florida 33530, 33567
■Roof Cleaning Feather Sound Florida 33762
■Roof Cleaning Fish Hawk Ranch Florida 33547
■Roof Cleaning Gibsonton Florida 33534
■Roof Cleaning Gulfport Florida 33707
■Roof Cleaning Harbor Bluffs 33770
■Roof Cleaning Hunter’s Green Florida 33647
■Roof Cleaning Hyde Park Florida 33606
■Roof Cleaning Indian Rocks Beach 33785
■Roof Cleaning Innisbrook Florida 34684
■Roof Cleaning Lake Magdalene 33612, 33613, 33618
■Roof Cleaning Lakeland Florida 33801
■Roof Cleaning Lakewood Ranch 34202
■Roof Cleaning Largo Florida 33770
■Roof Cleaning Lithia Florida 33547
■Roof Cleaning Lutz Florida 33548, 33549
■Roof Cleaning Madeira Beach 33708
■Roof Cleaning Mango Florida 33550
■Roof Cleaning New Tampa Florida 33647, 33544
■Roof Cleaning Odessa Florida 33556
■Roof Cleaning Oldsmar Florida 34677
■Roof Cleaning Palm Harbor 34682, 34685
■Roof Cleaning Palma Ceia Florida 33609
■Roof Cleaning Plant City Florida 33563
■Roof Cleaning Redington Beach Florida 33708
■Roof Cleaning River Hills Florida 33596
■Roof Cleaning Riverview Florida 33568, 33569
■Roof Cleaning Ruskin Florida 33570
■Roof Cleaning Safety Harbor Florida 34695
■Roof Cleaning Saint Petersburg Florida 33713
■Roof Cleaning Sarasota Florida 34230 – 34243
■Roof Cleaning Seffner Florida 33583, 33584
■Roof Cleaning Sun City Center Florida 33570
■Roof Cleaning Tampa FL – 33601-33626, 33629-33631, 33633-33637, 33646-33647, 33650-33651, 33655, 33660-33664, 33672-33675, 33677, 33679-33682, 33684-33690, 33694
■Roof Cleaning Tarpon Springs Florida 34688
■Roof Cleaning Temple Terrace Florida 33617
■Roof Cleaning Thonotosassa Florida 33592
■Roof Cleaning Tierra Verde Florida 33715
■Roof Cleaning Town-’N’ Country Florida 33615
■Roof Cleaning Treasure Island Florida 33706
■Roof Cleaning Valrico Florida 33596
■Roof Cleaning Ybor City Florida 33605
■Roof Cleaning Zephyrhills Florida 33542

7401 Patrician Place
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(813)655 8777
(800)290 1377

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Roof Algae Cleaning Tampa Florida

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Here is an excellent Roof Algae Cleaning article!
It was writtten by our friends at

Roof Algae Cleaning Myths Debunked

There’s a lot of false information about roof algae cleaning floating around right now, and I guess this is to be expected because it’s still a relatively new industry and most homeowners still aren’t that familiar with it. But I’m tired of seeing all the confusion and decided that it’s time to set the record straight. It’s time to blast some common roof cleaning myths out of the water once and for all. So, without further ado, I give you the top ten myths about roof stain removal.

Myth #1: Black roof stains are caused by tar, acid, dirt, or jet fuel. Roof stains are caused by a hardy type of blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. All it takes is for one algae spore to land on your shingles and take hold and then it’s off to the races. The algae will continue to multiply and spread, its growth fed by the limestone filler in the shingles and moisture.

Myth #2: Algae on roof shingles is really a signal that it’s time for a new roof. Simply the presence of algae stains does not necessarily equate with needing a new roof. In many cases all a roof needs is a good professional cleaning to restore its original look and health. You might notice that roofers don’t like roof cleaners very much, and this is because we keep them honest. If a roofer tells you that you need a whole new roof just because of some algae staining tell him to take a walk and look up your local non-pressure roof cleaning company instead. You’ll save a huge amount of money.

Myth #3: Roof algae removal will have no real impact on a home’s curb appeal. Most people are shocked when they see how much better their home looks after a roof cleaning. I think this is because most homeowners have gotten so used to seeing the stains on their roof that they’ve completely forgotten how good it once looked. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cleaned the roof of a house that had been on the market for months with virtually no activity and within days of the cleaning it finally started getting serious offers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that no matter how beautiful your landscaping, no matter how clean your windows, no matter how precise the painted trim, if your roof is covered in filthy algae stains then it will still ruin your curb appeal, if not in your eyes then in the eyes of your family, friends, neighbors, and potential buyers.

Myth #4: Roof algae is only a cosmetic issue so it can be ignored for now. If not cleaned off and kept at bay roof algae has the ability to shave years off the life of your shingles. It’s important to remember that roof algae is a living organism that needs food to continue to grow. Guess what the favorite food of roof algae is? That’s right – your shingles! Shingle makers now use limestone filler in the manufacturing process which the algae just loves to chew on. This will result in premature loss of shingle granules and general deterioration. Shingle granules are vital to the health of your roof and home because they work to deflect UV rays and heat away from your roof surface. If they are gone or covered with algae then you will have a hotter attic and higher AC bills. You’ll also have to replace the roof a lot sooner, and with the average new roof these days topping $10,000 it’s just a no-brainer to keep your shingles clean and functional for a fraction of the cost.

Myth #5: The best way to go about removing roof algae is with high pressure. I’ve beaten this one to death on this site but it bears repeating that, next to positioning your home in the path of a tornado, power washing your roof to remove algae stains is the worst thing you could possibly do to it. Just because your concrete, deck, and brick siding were pressure cleaned doesn’t mean you should do it to your shingles. Don’t you have any idea how flimsy and fragile your shingles are? Don’t you realize how many thousand or tens of thousands of shingle granules will pop right off with the use of a power washing wand? It just always blows my mind that people think this is a good idea. Yes, blasting your roof with 2000 PSI will remove some of the stains, but if it removes some of your actual roof in the process then what the heck is the point? If you bought a roof algae remover and somewhere in the instructions it says that you should walk up on your roof with a power washing wand in hand and unleash hell on your shingles then it’s safe to say that you purchased the wrong product.

Myth #6: Chemical roof cleaning will damage shingles, gutters, and landscaping. If you’re using the right chemicals with the proper procedures then you have nothing to fear. I’ve cleaned hundreds of roofs with non-pressure chemical methods and have never once seen a situation where we caused damage to someone’s home. I also only clean roofs with a helper present who’s sole responsibility is to rinse the heck out of the grass, bushes, and perimeter landscaping so that there’s absolutely no chance of plant damage. We usually do such a good job of rinsing that homeowners notice that their landscaping actually looks especially healthy and vibrant in the days following the cleaning. ARMA (the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and GAF (North America’s largest shingle maker) both recommend that shingles be cleaned with non-pressure, chemical methods, and any home inspector worth his salt would also concur.

Myth #7: It’s only necessary to clean the sections of the roof that have visible stains. Just because you can’t see algae stains on certain parts of the roof doesn’t mean that it’s not already there and beginning to develop. Keep in mind that in its early stages roof algae is completely invisible to the naked eye. It’s not until the more advanced stages that it actually turns black and becomes visible. So if you can see algae on even one section of your roof that means that it’s probably already taking hold on your entire roof. I always try to explain this to my customers but occasionally I still get people who don’t believe it and demand that I only do a spot-clean to remove visible stains. I reluctantly oblige their demands but am never surprised when I drive by a year later to see the untreated areas now completely covered in black algae! Then they usually call me back with the standard, “You were right. Can you please come back and clean the whole roof as you originally recommended?”

Myth #8: Ambient temperature has no effect on the effectiveness of a roof algae cleaner. If you’re using the correct chemical mixture then it will be most effective when the temperature is above 50 degrees. Below 50 and the power of the solution drops off rapidly. If you absolutely must have the roof cleaned on a day when it’s right around 50 or a little bit lower just keep in mind that the chemicals will need to sit for a little bit longer on the roof to be effective. So instead of giving it five minutes to kill the algae give it 15. Then reapply if necessary. On the flip side, if it’s an extremely hot day you may find that your chemical is evaporating before it even has a chance to kill the algae. In this situation you can simply soak the roof with water to cool it down before applying the chemicals.

Myth #9: Roof cleaning is an easy DIY project that any homeowner can do in an afternoon. There’s nothing easy or quick about roof cleaning. In fact, if you approach it with a cavalier attitude you run a good chance of injuring yourself. If you want to have any chance of cleaning your roof safely and effectively then you need to set out a clear plan of attack, have safety procedures in place, and, above all, take your time. Rushing through a roof cleaning only leads to trouble. Unless you’re one of these guys that absolutely has to do every home improvement job on his own I would highly recommend that you just find a qualified, non-pressure roof cleaning company in your area. Either you can hire somebody who has the equipment and experience to clean your roof in a few hours or you can spend an entire weekend doing it yourself and risking your life. Your choice.

Myth #10: Roof cleaning companies tend to overprice their work and take advantage of consumers. I guess I’m always a little disappointed when I tell someone that it will cost $300-$500 to clean their roof and they give me attitude and insinuate that I’m somehow ripping them off. I think people hear that word “cleaning” and they think it should be cheap like carpet cleaning or house cleaning. Think about it. Does a carpet cleaner spend three hours at your house sweating his butt off and getting sunburned? No. Does a carpet cleaner run the possibility of paralysis or death by simply doing his job? No. Does a carpet cleaner spend $100 on chemicals for every single job? No. Can a carpet cleaner offer you a guarantee that the treated surface will stay clean for years to come? No. There’s so much more that goes into a professional roof cleaning than for any other kind of residential cleaning service that it’s really not even fair to lump them into the same category. As a matter of fact, I actually think that most roof cleaning companies come in too low with their prices when you consider all the variables involved. I also challenge you to name me one other home improvement service that can instantly transform a home’s curb appeal in a single afternoon for under $500. Can’t be done. And when you consider that it not only makes your home more beautiful but also extends the life of your expensive roof by a matter of years I think that having a roof cleaned is one of the smartest and most cost-effective things that a homeowner could possibly do to protect their biggest investment.

So now that I’ve cleared the air and educated you about the myths that surround the roof cleaning industry I hope you’ll take these words of advice to heart because they represent the straightest talk about this topic that you’re going to find. I’m not here to serve up a load of BS just because I’m trying to sell a product. I’m telling you like it is because there are too many lies flying around. Either you can buy into one of the myths and be disappointed with the results or you can clean your shingles the right way and be satisfied with your new-looking, beautiful home that is free of roof algae.

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